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About itClix Social

itClix Social is a modern web design and social media management firm.
We focus on Connecting Clicks for small businesses and brands nationwide.

Beautiful design is a key component of itClix Social.  We don’t just develop websites, we create responsive sites that look great on all devices.  We also utilize current search engine optimization tools and strategies to drive traffic to your site.

Social media management is an important component of itClix Social.  We strive to make your brand shine on all social media channels.  We know how to boost your followers, engage fans, and ultimately get you the results that you deserve.

What do we do?

Connecting Clicks with
Powerful Websites & Social Media Branding

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itClix Social is a creative studio dedicated
to crafting a meaningful & memorable image
for your business or brand

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We are itClix Social

Our growing team is ready to start connecting clicks for you

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Founder & Lead Developer
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The combination of great design & search engine
optimization will connect clicks for your organization

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Address: PO BOX 75 | 4137 Mill Street
Pultneyville, New York 14538

Phone: +1 585 747 9532

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