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Lunch at home. I love rice paper rolls and have been lusting after them all week. A day off means pulling out all stops and making our own. Forget how easy and simple it really is to do.
Love a long weekend. Have you got any adventures planned for today? #quote #aesop #wordswag
Wishing everyone a happy Easter. Hope you are enjoying a relaxing long weekend.
Mother Nature might be running a little late this year but nice to see some autumn ombré in the neighbourhood. #madewithover #autumn #latergram
Green machine!
Dipping the toe back in. Hello! It's been a while.
March 10 / floral / #fmsphotoaday morning rays of sunshine #vscocam
March 9 / make /#fmsphotoaday Making dinner - ricotta and basil gnocchi to go with the bolognaise simmering on the stove as well as some choc chip cookies and coco-nutty granola. #iquitsugar #dinner #homemade #vscocam
Have leftover buttermilk, make pancakes. #brunch #yum #sundaystyleloves
Another day, another salad. #lunch #summer
Simple salad from the crisper to accompany tonight's BBQ steak + sweet potato fries and good tunes. [one half un-fetta-ed so as not to assail the children's senses.]
When the Mr offers to cook breakfast, I'm not one to refuse.
Week six / day 3 / reward ~ finally got new glasses after goodness knows how long with my old ones. Six? Eight? Years. Yes, really. I wear them full-time so they are more necessity than accessory. I never think ...
week six / day 2 / water #fmsphotoaday #mightymurray
Better late than never week week 6 /day one / mail [of the very boring variety] #fmsphotoaday #vscocam
View from this afternoon's #bananalounge session. The Mr got his hammock out in response to #bananalounge envy. #howstheserenity
Getting organised for the new month! Don't forget the February calendar download on le blog!
Friday fun with #bananalounge and #typolightbox Been wanting to put that slogan in all week! [Warning: may or may not be gin in that glass]
A neighbour enthusiastically building with the aid of a table saw is hindering my #bananalounge enjoyment. #wherestheserenity
Couldn't get away on a beach holiday so decided to bring a little beach holiday to me.
The Mr fixed our treadlies of flats and the like so we had to go for a ride. 11 kilometres later and I'm stuffed.
Gorgeous not-too-hot day for #straya day. Another gorgeous sky and the lovely jacandra in the backyard. #candyminimal
How's the serenity ... Today we packed some food and headed for the hills. Found a shady spot near a creek to eat, saw baby frogs, stopped at a roadside stall and bought a big bunch of flowers for just ...
Perfect sky for a Sunday morning walk and a little #candyminimal
The Mr makes a mean breakfast.
And hello dinner ... Aforementioned bread woth said trout and a roasted eggplant dip, capsicum, spinach and rocket.
Made Pete Evans' nut and seed bread today from Family Food. It is so good! Looking forward to pairing it with some smoked trout picked up at the farmers market today!
What a gorgeous package @thesmallesttribe you're a clever cookie Kathryn. So glad I snapped one of these up! #handmade #thesmallesttribe

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