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I seriously have the sweetest, most thoughtful friends 😍 Thank you guys for thinking of me & for being so supportive of Kyle & me throughout the entirety of our relationship, especially these last few weeks leading up to our wedding! 💕 #17days
From saying "Yes!!" to the most important, life changing question I've ever been asked, to saying "I do" in just a couple weeks, I'd say 2017 has been the best year of my life thus far 💙 #2017bestnine
Look at those dimples 😍😍😍 #myalmosthusband #19days #mrandmrsflynn #theflynns2018
When you have a precious friend 😍 Thank you, my Nikki dog/Nikki bear/Kikki/25 💕
184 years later & the conversation hasn't changed // "injustice! awful injustice!"
☉ Daily dose of Vonnegut ☉
RIP 'stache 😢 you will certainly be missed 💕
Super sad that today is the last day of my early American literature class 😢
Happy birthday, beautiful 💕 I how your day is amazing & that 22 treats you well 💕 #feeling22
🍃 feed your body & mind good things 🍃
💙🌊 I dont gamble, but if I did I would bet on us 🌊💙
My favorite goddaughter & baby cousin ❤
These are only a few of the amazing people in my life whom I'm thankful for. My amazing partner, there aren't enough words to explain my love and connection with you. I'm thankful for all that you are and that ...
Make this holiday season fun while you get harassed at all the get togethers 🎄🐷🐮💛🐓🐥🎄
🌼 Never know where you'll end up 🌼
🌌🍸Had such a fun belated 21st birthday celebration 🍸🌌
The past week and a half was definitely one for the books ❤ Thank you @ashlllaaaayyy for waking up ridiculously early and picking me up to make sure that I could be there for the Welcome Home Ceremony & thank ...
Zoë-Raven, I honestly don't know where to begin. When we were 15, we met & you poured your heart out to me. Now, six years later, we do that at least once a week. You are the absolute definition of ...
So happy that I get to spend 21 with my other half 🍻💙
Kurt, my man 🔥📚
Best surprise date ever! ❄💙
Nine more months until I get to call this place home 🌨💙
Reunited with my other half 💙 it's been a long nine months, but I'm so glad it's over 💑💙
After a 2 hour delay & a 3 hour flight, I'm finally headed for you, Alaska 💑💙
Just a few of the Gremlings 💕 #mrandmrsgremling2017 💑
The love of my life 💑💙
Vegan for the voiceless. Vegan for the animals. Vegan because I'm a feminist. Vegan because it's the only ethical way to live. #govegan #worldveganday
🎃 such spooky 🎃
🐘 Crazy to think that I'll only spend a year and a half of my life here, yet how influential the last 10 months here have been & how much more the next 7 will be, also. I'm definitely proud ...

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