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Day 6 design is another scarf made with a beautiful print fabric. I just love the simplistic beauty of making scarves. #scarflife
And now the day 5 design. A stylish tote bag that I am so in love with. This design challenge has been such an amazing experience, can’t wait to see what I design next. #designchallenge #totelove
Day 4 design is my very first tee shirt design. This was a tough one but I got it done! #teeshirtdesign
A little behind on my posts but here is the day 3 design. A nifty pink and gray scarf. #scarflife
Day 2 of my design challenge and I’ve created this lovely spiral bound journal. What else can create and inspire passionate living? #journaling #journaladdict
I was extremely creative this morning and in addition to the tote bag, I made this gorgeous scarf I am currently wearing!! This challenge will be a cinch if I can keep the design ideas flowing. If you have any ...
Project number 1 complete! A nice little tote for city walking or shopping. #gettingcreative #everyonelovesatote #designaday
I’m so in love right now with planning and designing and creating new things! They consume me. I’m ecstatic at the new possibilities that I encounter each and everyday. They inspire me to be better than yesterday. But this we ...
I am totally in love with making these cute little journals right now. They have become my passion! #journaladdict
Happy Halloween!!! #happyhalloween
I am really feeling this quote today! Sometimes our dreams are so big we have to prove that they are worth the risk. We can’t let others whose vision isn’t as clear as ours tell us our dreams aren’t practical ...
My lovely cubbie that I put together makes me so proud. This past week has been DIY galore. I’m excited by this great stream of creativity, it definitely keeps me motivated. #whatkeepsyoumotivated
It’s a green tea kind of morning! #happyday #greentea #middleoftheweekjoy
Planning my morning just right with my handy traveler’s notebook and delicious smoothie. Nothing goes better with the early morning. #smoothielife #plannerlife
Getting the day started. I love Mondays because it’s the chance to make new beginnings. People talk about new beginnings at the beginning of a new month or a new year, but what about the new week? It’s a great ...
My next big step in life is San Francisco. I've been dreaming of that wonderful city since I was a little girl. Opportunity is coming fast and soon. #sanfrancisco #sanfranciscohasmyheart
I just love this quote!! It is good to reflect on and know that by living by these words, we free ourselves to live a passionate life. #passionateliving #thispassionatelife
This week's inspiration!! I totally love this picture! I'm not really sure why, but it totally has inspired me this week. I look at it and know all things are possible. #prettyflowers #inspiration #passionateliving # passionatelife Sent via @planoly #planoly
It's very early morning! This is how I start my day with coffee, notebook, and my trusty pens. I really enjoy the solitude and quiet of the early morning it's when I'm able to reflect best and write. Currently I'm ...
The power of a memory is profound and the effect it has on us as time passes is priceless. When we remember the tragedies of life, let us not relive the moments but never forget their place and the lessons ...
Happy Friday!! Friday before vacation feels so good and what's even better, the publication of my first ever podcast on iTunes. Check it out at Lovegirlpink Radio. Leave me a comment let me know what you think.
Amazing skaters!
#repost (@get_repost)
If a passionate life is your goal, go after it with everything that you've got. What do you have to lose? You have everything to gain. #lovegirlpink #stayhungry #pinkpassion
Such an amazing looking lunch on this beautiful Labor Day! Have a great one!! #labordayweekend #veganlife
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How passionate are you about your life? #passionatelife
Saturday night wine tasting after a long day of hustling! #ideservethis
Pasta for breakfast! Life is beautiful right now!! #veganlife
Celebrating my birthday with my sister and mom!! How blessed I am to have these wonderful women in my life! #blessed
Are you passionate and drive do something amazing with your life? By all means, get up and do it, right now! Your drive and passion are key to a well-lived life! #lovegirlpink #thispassionatelife

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