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It’s weird that it’s 82° in LA but snowing in ATL. 🧐 it’s also weird that I feel like I’m smiling but my face says something different lol
idk about you, but i don’t give myself enough credit. I sometimes feel like i need to do more and i haven’t done enough. But I think it’s important that we reflect on our accomplishments no matter how big or ...
I’ve been talking to God a lot lately
Asking for some clarity
Haven’t heard back yet
I wonder if He heard me
I know He’s up there listening
Cause He’s always blessing me
Not with everything I want
But always ...
with an ego deep as a swimming pool, I’m surprised I haven’t drowned in you. 🚫💧for you. #swimmingpools now avail everywhere 🏊🏽‍♀️
you ever have one of them days where you’re just not feeling it? just keep going, find that groove and you’ll be happy you did ✨ | 📷 @visuallyprepared | oh yeah ‼️ #swimmingpools now avail on iTunes, Apple Music & Tidal 💧
Because honestly what they think about you has NOTHING to do with you and everything to do with how they feel about themselves. • & with that being said, what do you love most about yourself? 😌 the thing i ...
cause everything still ain’t enough 💧
have you heard “#swimmingpools.” yet? If nooot, link in bio 🎧
“Swimming Pools.”💧 out now! • Link in Bio // 🎧 prod by @scottsupreme ⚡️ written, mixed, mastered by me 😊
got no tears for you 💧 •
new music, v v soon. 🤳🏽
how are you going to get there if you don’t know where you’re going?
ATL, you’ve been good to me 💛 phone case avail @ ⚡️⚡️
i used to get soo upset when things didn’t go the way i planned. i would think of every possible reason why it went wrong or maybe i needed to change something about myself... but now i look for the ...
| First time wearing a dress this year. Figured I’d capture this rare moment 🧐
LUV ME! Avail for streaming everywhere ⚡️⚡️ @maestro
should the orange hair stay after Halloween? 👻 if not, what should I do next? Or go back to my signature blonde? 👸🏼
when we link up 💸 @salmaslims
she came outside last night 🦊
#outinla⚡️ 🎥 : @vlexphotos @von_jackson
Had a conversation with my mom earlier & I just wanted to share a little bit of her wisdom with you guys 💛
no more writing songs bout you
cause I felt like it 🦊 @fabuloushairboutique
Just dropped my first beat tape visual & I thank you in advance for checking out a piece of me that I've kept to myself for some years now.
I present to you : SIDE A. 💽

#sideathebeattape ⚡️ link in bio
So excited to share another side of me,
SIDE A: The Beat Tape Visual!
all music made by me ⚡️ Out Now ✨
Link in bio | let me know what you think!
a 7 min musical journey + visual experience. ⚡️ 8.25 #beattape

y'all READY?!
Feeling pretty accomplished today because I finished a beat mixtape that I've been working on and I'm extremely proud of myself 😌 I think I'm going to share with you guys!
Comment 👂🏾If you want to hear it
2am vibin' out & just made this.... who you hear on it? 🤔 #mpc #music
you got issues, I got 'em too 💔 | #issues link in bio ✨ have you heard my #remyxx yet?
get you a girl that can do both 👩🏼‍💻👩🏼‍🍳
| creating; the vibes tonight ✨ • it would be soo dope to hear another artist get on a track I made! 🙏🏽 🎼🎧🎹 1:10 am | #latenightenergy

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