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Happy hump day
me tonight
big booty. also hey ask me questions for a video. Anything!!
lunch time with my new friend!
the dumps
where to start where to start
Happy Mother's Day!!
Denim 4 days 💁🏽‍♂️
We’re both really excited that Chipotle now has Queso. It’s yummy and made with real ingredients so OH YEAH, I’ll be back for more. Available on burritos or as a side with chips!!! @chipotlemexicangrill #chipotlequeso #ad
HEY! Go check out my Microsoft @surface #futurebyme Q&A where I answer some of your questions. Link in my bio #ad
wrong glasses comrade
yeah we match what of it
NEW VIDEO! If you are heading off to college this year (or if you are just generally confused about what you’re doing with your life) take a look. Link in my bio @surface #futurebyme #ad
Happy birthday to my best friend Jenn McAllister- you are the most incredible person I have ever known. Caring. Passionate. Giving. Intelligent. Pee my pants funny. Stubborn as hell but always with purpose. You have changed my life and I ...
I Cant handle it can u handle it oh my fu
One more photo. I melted over him. I want @annenbergpetspace #annenbergpetspace
We both look dumb @annenbergpetspace #annenbergpetspace
I went to the (best place in all of LA) @AnnenbergPetSpace today and played with this cute goob. They have so many animals READY TO FIND A HOME!! They also have training classes, grooming, an animal hospital-- the whole nine. ...
How is he real???!!!! Watch him do more cute dumb puppy stuff in my new video. LINK IN THE BIO BABY

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