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I saw this guy so I took a picture with him because look at him. He also said he’s coming to church this Christmas. What a win. @cbglades #cbgxmasexpress @chugachugthugs
So if you didn’t know, I have THE COOLEST JOB EVER. I vlogged my entire Sunday last week and I put it on YouTube. I would love it if you checked it out! Link in bio!
@cbgladeswrshp @cbglades
Out here inviting the world to @cbglades for this Christmas! #cbgxmasexpress @chugachugthugs
It’s about to get so, so, so, so serious. #cbgxmasexpress
When I was a kid I wanted to be famous so everyone would know my name. Now I do what I love in an effort to to help everyone know Jesus name. 1,000x better. Thank you God. Thank you @cbglades.
I love being outside. I love the rings. I love my wife. Today I enjoy all three at once!
A few more chances to catch this weekend at @cbglades. 11:30, 1:00, and 6:30. If you’re not local, watch live online!
I knew I’d make it here. Thank you @forbes, thank you mom. Thank you @lopez.rc
This track felt just like a @ninjawarrior obstacle! I️ love you Fort Lauderdale. Had a great time with all my boys at @cbg_films making some cool content for this weekend. Come to church this weekend and see it! @cbglades
Obsessed with movement. I’ll never stop. Trying to be like @portal.ido @roye_gold @dominik_sky @republicofmovement
I’m no longer a slave to fear.
The love of my life turned 24. Happy birthday @justjessgomes. 🎈🎁🎉🎊🎂 #happybirthday
So I’ve been in LA for the past week which means I missed @cbglades this weekend. 😞 its all good though because I live streamed from my phone and saw all the homies including @porshia_j, @chrisgarcon, and @daverodriguezgtr KILL IT. ...
In Cali for ninja warrior without my bew. I miss you wife!

All the Harry Potter nerds should celebrate because the next two weeks at @cbglades are for you.
🚨 Butter beer in the lobby for $2 😱!! 🚨 see you guys this weekend.
I had so much fun at the @goliathgauntlet today. Honestly, everyone should do this. You don’t have to be a marathon runner (trust me, I’m not lol) to do this, and it’s for a good cause. I’ll be back next ...
The biggest LED screen in south Florida on any given weekend isn’t in a stadium to promote an artist. It’s in a church to promote the truth. To reach people no one is reaching, you have to do things that ...
Last night we started a new series at @cbglades called "I Heart Pop". It was absolutely insane. Hard to believe we found a way to outdo ourselves as far as creativity goes. Come see it!
New series starts this weekend at @cbglades. My goodness this is gonna be crazy lol. Download our new app and vote for the artists you want to hear! Search "cbglades" in the App Store!
So after I was eliminated in stage one last week, I was able to test stage didn't go so good lol. See my boy @amurraycan_ninja killin those wing nuts + Other ninjas like @islandninja and @americanhandstands in the video ...
#hurrigainz workout. 4 sets of legless rope climbs for strength. 2 sets of full body climbs for speed. Then we all pretended to be monkeys!!! #ninjatraining
#repost @cbglades (@get_repost)
Since all @cbglades campuses are in the projected impact zone of Hurricane Irma...We have prayerfully made the the decision to cancel all weekend services at all campuses. I am strongly encouraging all of our church family ...
The Vegas finals for @ninjawarrior is sneaking up on us! The #roadtovegas continues. See the full video on YouTube! Link in my bio. Shout out to @miamifreerunningacademy for having the dopest double salmon ladder in #soflo! Thanks for pushing me ...
🔴REPOST @cbg_films🔴
Dope shot from a shoot we did last week. Big things coming soon.
#cbg 🎥
One of my favorite pictures ever. Pretty sure it was our last Easter service so we literally blasted all the confetti we had left 😂
Thank God this is what church looks like or I don't know what I'd be ...
The grind continues. I'm getting ready to compete in the national finals on @ninjawarrior and I've started a series of videos called "The Road To Vegas".
‼️LINK IN BIO‼️shout out to @ninjaloungenorthmiami 💚
Working on my handstands while the geniuses with @cbg_films go over the shot list. 😆😆🎥💥
We were up to something big today at work. It's hard to call it work when it's this much fun [email protected] is on the move right now. Get ready for greatness.
This is it. I qualified for the national finals on @ninjawarrior and I will do whatever it takes to dominate. For the next few weeks I'll be sharing everything I do to prepare. From training for specific obstacles I know ...
SWIPE ➡️➡️➡️to see video of our results from city finals last night. Alexio and I had the time of our lives competing on @ninjawarrior, just like we always do. Alexio was very disappointed to miss Vegas for the first time ...

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