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Haven’t done this in a while...
Wait...this is much more like it. Probably the most fun I’ve ever had on a dirtbike. Studded tires in deep snow is the!
Can’t wait to do this again...but hopefully with more snow and on a new bike 😳. What do you guys think I’m gonna get? If you haven’t figured it out by now, you haven’t been paying attention 😂😂 @loganmoto @andrew.rinke
Happy thanksgiving! Here’s a random throwback post to riding with @altamotors on their badass electric supermoto! The want is so real for one of these things...well, I really want the enduro version but either way, they’re incredible!
Spray paint mock-up for black anodize turned out awesome! Testing out different pre/post anodize engrave/chamfer patterns. I think this is the one 😏. So who would like to pre-order? $30 I can set up a link for Black Friday?!? Would ...
😍😍😍 one more operation to go after this! Chamfering the top surface and doing the engraving! These things look soooo good already. Put one on the wr and went for a test ride. All works as expected 😏
Drilling tiny holes in the caps today haha
I just really don’t understand why this one got flagged....
I feel I did a pretty good job for my first ever 3D drawing of an actual part! Here’s what it’ll look like except with BeRAD engraved onto the top and counter-sunk holes (which are already done on he actual ...
When you think you’re being funny but then it comes back to haunt two should have known what this would come to 😂😂😂 @brapburn @coleholley #fuckyouberad
Here are the Yamaha’s it’ll fit...if you couldn’t guess it with the 100 comments it’s a front brake master cylinder reservoir cap! Will be anodized blue, black BeRAD actually making new bike parts?!? 😳 any guesses what these are? Only the first operation is done...but let me tell you they are gonna look sick! Nice upgrade to a decent range of bikes 😏 #berad
Not sure how we didn’t get kicked out...😂 after being put into the wall 4th lap of the main event, I knew I wouldn’t win, so I sabotaged @adventures_of_chaos win instead 😂😂😂. @lifeoffe @logansovy12 @tommydude13 @morganrwilliams @thirdjennmoto @devinoneill94 @drewbonnee @romoto1 ...
Soooo like I don’t really ride this either....2002 ttr90. Runs great, a few scratches on the plastics but otherwise clean. $700.
And she’s gone! Thanks @carsonschuon you’re gonna love it! Good thing is that he lives right by me so we will definitely be riding together next season.
When you’re in the Apple store trying to sync your new phone with your old phone and you try to make a phone call with your earbuds but then realize you can’t....f*ck you Apple. Biggest love/hate relationship of my life. ...
2014 FZ09. $5500. Come get it.
VERY clean
9k miles
M4 Carbon fiber exhaust
Electronic Jet Kit tuner/ecu flash
CNC machined adjustable levers
Wind screen
Carbon Fiber rear seat-delete/cover
Comes with extra set of unused Battlax tires
T-rex front and ...
@logansovy12 and I are starting a synchronized arm waving team if anyone wants to join... 📸: @lifeoffe
Go Karts!!! @lifeoffe
Can’t stop thinking about what bike I’m gonna get when this fz sells... @carsonschuon quit playin man, or I’m gonna raise the price 😂
That time I was trying to find @enduroengineering and this is where Apple Maps took me instead 😂😂.
Who wants more double bass action? Trying to challenge myself with doing clean consecutive triplet groupings. I’ll post another video with the hands added in a minute.
No thanks, my Mexican blowout was enough for me last week...still can’t walk straight.
@withindark and @thirdjennmoto always killin it with pics. You’re a great model, Brian 😍. Click the link in my bio to order your own #nosaneperson shirt! #berad #wheelies
Don’t let this photo fool you...Sandy is CLAPPED! Her right arm is all bent inward and her knuckle is twisted and droopy beyond repair. Her lungs have a huge dent in it. She’s in need of a little TLC. Still ...
I️’ve always struggled with double bass. It never get natural to me. I’m trying to change that! @bakerxderek write heavy ass riff for me to jam to, then let’s merge the audio and make people’s ears bleed.
This is why I️ haven’t released my 2017 crash compilation video yet! I️ knew there would still be more carnage to come.
I really hope she doesn’t get into an accident.... 💀 also, that steering wheel grip? Who’s grandma is this?
Definitely gotta do more night riding...but preferably when it’s warmer out. 📷: @loganmoto
Sooo much fun! Wish it was a tad warmer so it wasn’t icy but we kept a pretty good pace I’d say considering. This was with no front brake which was weird to me, but forced me to carry a ...

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