Lil Bibby | @lilbibby_

@vory this how u coming Foo??
Feb 16th Joliet IL @exclusive773 for tickets❗️❗️ @peteshouse
Feb 17th Morgantown WV @mainstagewv Tickets @don_bob_ent
RIP Fredo 🙏🏽 Real ones don’t die
Falling back can put you 10 steps ahead.
Baby Pablo
🙏🏽 @iamkevingates
Stack, pray and stay out the way
My dawg put Forgi’s on the Rolls he ignant
Ketchup Mustard
We all came from the gutter, I appreciate everything
Telling @stevecannon_ it’s 2 things I neva seen, “a Bitch dat look better than money or a nigga dat was Bullet proof” @bigbankdte
They don’t know how many sacrifices was made
@torylanez I got wateva on it,
Lol I seen dat grandpa jump shot 😂😂, you was hitting but I can’t let you beat me like dat @iampvnch
Out Now❗️❗️
The problems don’t stop
Minding my business
Missed my dog
Weezy in da cut wit it, 15 plus years in, I still remember you and Thanis hit my pack when I hid my shit behind the AC. This summer don’t let me catch you slipping brodie cuz I’m getting u ...
Minimized 🤣🤣 @korporate00
Me and bro got a few 🔥🔥 coming @artisthbtl
4 Real
Gotta move different when you want different
Lil dude love cameras, I’m the exact opposite
Seen more bodies than a soldier but I’m still smiling
Might fall out wit my brothers but family is forever... And I’ll still beat both they ass cuz fool nem like to play crazy 💉😂

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