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Some beautiful new releases up just in time for our Black Friday sale!
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Midweek! It's also #pmeweek πŸŽ‰
Lots of farming in the mud. I love harvest, but it needs to be over.
Our etsy shop got its first order!πŸ˜„
MN says I don't exist.
On Tuesday I placed 6 orders with @planning_made_easyπŸ˜… ...
2nd half of last week!
Because of such a rainy week, we were hardly in the field. And when we were, it was through standing water😩
Thursday and Friday I didn't leave the farm. I love those days.
Friday spent ...
Monday was another 14 hour day.
Tuesday was a shorter day due to rain. I ran to runnings and got new carhartts!
Wednesday was rainy all day, so no field work. Instead I got my background check picture taken ...
I ran out of @plan_with_monica 's "didn't fold clothes" and decided since I wasn't going to fold them anyway, this would work. And sleeping is wayyyy more important than showering during harvest, even when you are covered head-to-toe in mud.🚜🌽
2nd half last week!
I had several 13-14 hour days in equipment, along with running errands.
Sunday I taught Sunday school and picked a paint color for my classroom!
From Sunday afternoon to Saturday night, I clocked in over 80 ...
First half of this week!
I've been living in the field, so it's pretty empty!
Internship teacher came on Tuesday. That was interesting! My dad said he was impressed with how well I'm doing and said I might as well ...
Second half of last week!
Lots of @plan_with_monica this week!
Harvest is in full swing around here! I'm doing a little bit of everything and loving it!🚜🌽
Sunday was a busy day with SS, meeting and online friend for the ...
Looking a little empty because IT'S HARVEST!πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸšœπŸŒ½
Monday- chopped stalks
Tuesday- moved bean head
Wednesday- replaced milk room door and drove combine on #nationalfarmersday!
My favorite seasonπŸ’šπŸ’›
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#secondhalf of last week!
Thursday began my "month off" of school for internship, but because of the rain there wasn't anything for me to do. Lots of time spent on my to-do list.
Friday my friend and her 2 littles ...
Monday I made spaghetti pizza hotdish for our guys and I was secretly thankful there was a little leftover, it's delicious!
Tuesday was a few "tests" and lots of laughter.
Wednesday was my last day of school for a ...
Last half!
Harvest started Thursday!πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ my combines teacher brought donuts for us! I also got to meet my coworkers and tour the new building where I'll be teaching come December!
Friday I finished up some canning my mom started and ...
#firsthalf of this week! Better late than never, right?
Monday the beans had white caps. Harvest is not looking good.. There is a new little man in our family! My cousin, who's more like a big brother, and his wife ...
Last half of last week.. so very late.
Lots of unwanted, very unneeded rain last week. Not good for farmers around here.
Thursday, my ECLP arrived! (The correct one this time! Customer Service was amazing!) I paid my tuition😭😭 Friday ...
Not exactly planner related, but this is the 9650R that I drove this week (and wrote about in my planner). I get to spend all fall runnin' the ripper with this beautiful beast of a tractor!

#farmgirlsplantoo #9560r #thisgirldrivesthatbeast #plannergirl ...
#midweek really lateπŸ™ˆ
It was quite the week in the AG department. But it's bound to be when it's basically all guys! We had some heated discussions and listening to stories was tough. It was very clear that we are ...
This beautiful box arrived today, but I have 3 tests tomorrow so I cannot playπŸ˜” it's almost the weekend!πŸ™Œ #weloveec #erincondren #echappymail #eclp
Full week last week!
Week 3 of purple for craniosynostosis!πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
It was quite the week. School, a field trip (that I got up for at 3:45 am and even made some friends!), spent some time with family, and drove to ...
Last half!
Thursday was a field trip and I actually spoke to some classmates--and didn't die! The trip was awesome and overwhelming at the same time! I am the only 2nd year Farm Op Crops girl.
Friday was my mom's ...
Super super late midweek! And I did a terrible job of updating itπŸ˜…
It was good to have an extra day home on Monday, even thought the storm took our our refrigerator. Thankfully our egg fridge was fine, so I ...
I love using @plan_with_monica 's little dinosaurs to mark chiropractor appointments! It adds such a cute reminder!
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