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In CAFE’s newest animated series, follow the adventures of conjoined half-human, half-rat teenage twins Poppy & Iris Bunker, as they’re plucked from their home in the gutter and forced to live above-ground amongst the “normals.”
A Georgia Sheriff's Department unlawfully searched 800 students for illegal drugs and ended up with zero drugs and a bill for 3 million dollars.
An LAPD officer may have planted drugs on a suspect. At the very least, the body cam footage contradicts the police report, which is... not good.
Time for our newest "Everyday Attack Ad!" Why do co-workers who run 5k races in their spare time feel the need to talk about it so much? Here's your revenge.
An Olympic gold medalist from Iran is auctioning off his gold medal to help earthquake victims. This guy really does deserve a medal.
The 2018 World Cup lineup is now set in stone...and the last team to make it has broken a near 36 year drought. (@mattbinder for CAFE)
Winter is coming for the Nigerian Women's Bobsled Team as they made history as Africa's first bobsled team to qualify for the Winter Olympics.
Papa John's is apologizing for blaming NFL player protests on low pizza sales...after neo-Nazis declared them the "official pizza of the alt-right. (@mattbinder for CAFE)
Freedom-loving. Fearless. Ten years old. Lil' Alex Jones is here to open your eyes to the truth behind every conceivable childhood conspiracy.
Fox News offered two wildly different takes on the Uranium One story in a single day. (@todddracula for CAFE)
Time for our newest "Awful Attack Ad!" The amount of foot space on airplanes is pathetic. Here's what airlines must be thinking.
Barbie honors U.S. Olympian with a hijab-wearing doll. Break out the little red Corvette. (@shan_risher for CAFE)
Flying cars are happening! The future is finally (almost) here.
The NYC Transit Authority will no longer refer to passengers as "ladies and gentleman." But we're still waiting for a plan to address man-spreading.
We want to see recently purchased trucks destroyed on Facebook Live, please. Thanks.
Astronomers discovered a planet that is 13 times the mass of Jupiter. That's really, really big. (@therosseverett for CAFE)
A true travel horror story: Tourist may receive the death penalty for traveling with prescription drugs in Egypt. (@therosseverett for CAFE)
Time for our newest "Awful Attack Ad!" People who text & drive endanger us all. Here's what they must be thinking...
21 North Korean defectors have reported nuclear contamination from the region they escaped from. And we believe them. (@therosseverett for CAFE)
Just a reminder that since 2009 Ashton Kutcher has been working to help victims of abuse. The world could use more people like him.
Technology we love: A scambot program that scams the scammers. (@therosseverett for CAFE)
The U.S. is the only country to not back the Paris Climate Accord. It's as if the world is trying to tell us something. (@therosseverett for CAFE)
Tuesday's elections delivered a wave of historic victories. Meet your new public officials.
The new HOPE poster.
2017 is one of the three hottest years on record thanks to global warming, can you guess the other two years? (@therosseverett for CAFE)
Wow. At least wait until the next time this definitely happens before politicizing it.
Danica Roem defeated her opponent, self-described "chief homophobe" Bob Marshall, to become the first openly transgender state legislator.
Shalane Flanagan made history with her NYC marathon win, and gave the U.S. a moment it needed. (@therosseverett for CAFE)
Add this to the list of cool things about San Francisco: Citywide Internet network. (@therosseverett for CAFE)
Scientists have found a new cavern (and maybe unleashed an ancient curse?) in the Great Pyramid of Giza. (@TheRossEverett for CAFE)

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