The best way to combat a cold, drizzly engagement season is to do is get close and snuggle with your beloved.
2018 is almost here. Lets write your love story!
The Hauge Family *yes I take family photos too*
Baby Lucy ❤️
Alexis | Senior Portraits
Aka really beautiful photos of a really beautiful girl.
I wish I was sleeping like @emilypmcc but I’ll edit photos instead.
Got a little creative and pulled a @brandonwoelfel in this last senior session.
Casually walking while taking senior photos.
When Nashville decides to rain on your wedding day.
You wait it out and marry under the twinkle lights at night.
Thank you to @madi.chamberlain and @lucaschamberlain for allowing me to be there for you guys and putting your trust ...
To all seniors: Please bring all your pets to your photoshoot.
Some if my favorite photos are of when the bride and groom just walk together.
Just walking.
Holding hands.
Dream couple >>
@madison.nicole.r + @nickhopkins12
People like @lukemcsmith and @evychang make my Mondays full of love.
Today I learned that I am not fit to hike.
Thankful for clients that don't laugh at me while I lay down to die while hiking.
@madison.nicole.r + @nickhopkins12 - thank you for leading us and showing us your love ...
Olivia's senior portraits are on the blog.
Seriously. This makes me want to photograph seniors everyday!
Link in bio!! Go go!
Veronica + Tim
Two very beautiful, very wonderful people.
I'm so excited for you two!!
@_morganpoole_ + @devin.tillman.7
A moment with mom and her daughter.
Soon to be joined by baby brother.
I would like to photograph all of the seniors. Please. Thank you.
Lovely lovely jazzy session with @oliviateater
Shelby + Alex
P.S. I can't believe it's already been one week!
Getting back into the senior photo game and it makes me feel all giddy inside!
I had so much fun with you, @cymber_ann!! ❤️
Dear Seniors - please book me for your senior photos and please bring your pups to your photoshoots.
I rarely ever post detail shots, but this one made my heart so happy I have to share.
The sweetest smiles between @jacobmccoymusic and @langleyburton
I'm not crying. You're not crying.
Photographing my friends makes my heart so happy.
Thank you for always making time for me when you come home ❤️ P.S. Doesn't the studio turn into a cute makeshift room with lofty vibes??
If you know a senior that wants pretty photos. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
Rachel + Nathan on the blog!!
Warning -its long and emotional because their wedding was perfect and joyful and full of emotions!
So grateful to have been there for you, @rach.ireton and @nater397 💕
I know it sounds lame, but I am very grateful that photography allows us to capture such important moments in life.
What are some of your favorite things that have been photographed?

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