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KD all smiles after putting up 71 points, 21 boards, 17 assists and 7 blocks in 2 games.... 👀
Warriors-Pistons 7ET on ESPN
My 3rd CFB season on @abcnetwork is in the books! So many people to thank... first and foremost, thanks to my dear friend and producer @micklikethemouse for his constant support and crazy...the countless amount of hardworking people behind the scenes ...
Loved catching up with my sideline sister @lesley_mcc. Her smile and her ❤️ light up any room.
#whynot 📸: @jim_ice
KD reTURNS tonight.... I’ll see myself out...
Thank you @espnmikeandmike @Espngreeny @espngolic for not only being the gold standard for professionalism, dynamic chemistry & reliability but for allowing me to be a part of the family & share moments like this where I could witness your passion ...
Did a little LOVE/HATE with @matthewberrytmr on The Fantasy Show...
When your professional camera crew is filming their walk-ins but then your IG story happens... 😬😬😬😬 📸: @justo_777
It ain’t safe when we get together.... love my pod sis to death @chiney321 😂 #hoopcollective (miss you @ramonashelburne!)
📸: THE @jim_ice
Rockets-Knicks 8ET on ESPN. Huge thank you to my loves @brittany_monico and @milexy_hair_couture for getting me ready for the Garden.
TOO geeked about joining @ramonashelburne & @chiney321 on The Hoop Collective every Monday. First episode link in my IG story. Big shoutout to @andrewthehan on the 1s and 2s as well.
Week 1 in the books for me. Always a dream working with these two legends. Fun watching Giannis’ star rise and Lebron’s continue to shine as bright as ever. Good night in Milwaukee.
Between two friends, one starting, one not. More on the developing relationship between JR and Wade tonight... oh and a helluva game too Cavs-Bucks 7ET on ESPN
Jimmy Butler on 1. Gordon Hayward injury 2. The Bobby Portis & Nikola Mirotic fight 3. Part II of the Butler-Thibs era. T-Wolves-Spurs 9ET tonight on ESPN
Pulling back the curtain on the Ford Wrap Up.... what a CrAzY week 7 in CFB! Almost as crazy as my 👏hand 👏talking 👏game👏...
I spend a WHOLE lotta time with these awesome people on CFB Saturdays and they sure keep things interesting... especially you @micklikethemouse 🙃 #bts #abcfootball #crewlove
Basketball is BACK! Ended last season with this amazing crew and starting the new season off right. Kings-Lakers on ESPN from Las Vegas
Weekend Starter Pack
Was crazy to sit on this iconic stage tonight with the #fotb and #tbf crew. Congrats to the insanely talented @jaderamus on all he’s created. Missed you @notoriousohm and @tcarychow!
@mooremaya is COLD BLOODED. Congrats to the @minnesotalynx on their FOURTH title in SEVEN years... truly one of the GREAT sports dynasties.
I made @brittany_monico take two selfies with me because 1. she's one of my favorite people on this Earf and 2. The first one we took I look like I smell something funky....
I'm getting taught some things by @chicagosky head coach Amber Stocks. Such a great basketball mind and she's in studio all night for our WNBA semifinal doubleheader on ESPN2.
Last night with my partner in crime @chiney321 but first night of the WNBA semis so you know it's a turn 👆🏼(ESPN2)
Wrapping up this week 2 CFB Saturday on the Ford Wrap Up on ABC
Coach still getting Ws. (Btw @coachmackbrown >>> pretty much everyone)

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