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"I have to be sure I don't miss it!"
Welcome to the 7 stages of concert week. Tap link in bio.
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Do you ever see something on the internet and ask yourself, "what did I just watch?" 😳 #meow
Absolutely accurate.
The best way to start your day!
Tap the link in our bio for seven creative ways you can put those pesky budget limitations behind you and make room for choir management software.
What is this witchcraft??
Have a concert coming up? Tap our bio link for some memorization tips for learning choral music.
Excuse me but who’s auditioning here??
You know who you are... 👀
Ever ask yourself, “what is my choir director thinking?!?” Tap our bio link to find out.
You’re not alone.
Touché, professor.
A true work of art.
Story of my life.
So it begins...
New season, new possibilities! Tap our bio link for our essential production plan for your chorus.
Some #mondaymotivation from one of the greats.
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Preach! 🙌
Lol good luck!
And sometimes we're all of these!

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