Christian Gonzalez | @chris4yb

Walk it like I talk it Son!
all Under 20
TB. LIFE is boring without exploring
Little TB Downtown Dallas
TB with Bohnyyy Boyyy lol
Damn Right! Lol
Im Back!
Major TB with BHonny and Breezy!!!!!!
Tb with Young Breezy Birthday Buck!!!!
I'm gonna take a knee and give you this rock mah!! Lol
Little TB 4 the gram!
Ready Nation Son!!!!
Always got that liquor in me
Mah it’s all good!!!!
I feel you Mike!!!!
Happy? Yeah I try my best son!!
Lol that niggahs face lmao
Bitch got a new look but the same taste lol Had to keep the logo son!
Miss me on that shit lol
We can Rich Roll
Shit! Deep'
Laughing is all I do son!!!!!!

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