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Call me crazy but I love bundling up for the snow ❄️ #winter #canadian
Your perception could be the reason you aren’t achieving goals. It’s amazing how your outlook on your life and the world around you can impede on your success. When you think you are incapable of something because you see others ...
It’s so easy to find the closest thing/person in sight and say whatever judgemental comment you have towards them. But is it because you really feel that way about a person or is it a true reflection of what you ...
Not a throwback picture for once in my life. #black
To anyone who is considering competing: BEING SHREDDED DOES NOT MAKE YOU HAPPY.
Contrary to popular belief, it can very easily do quite the opposite. You become so lean to the point where your body cannot healthily sustain itself and ...
In honour of #waybackwednesday and Boss supplements website debut, here is an oldie circa 2016. Visit boss supplements’ website ( for all your supplement and workout gear! Save money using ‘ciara10’ upon checkout ☺️
Being shredded < post workout sushi 🍣🤷🏻‍♀️
The annual photo of my amazing grandfather/veteran in his uniform 🇨🇦 ❤️ #lestweforget
Missing shorts weather and California 😢🌴
Forever wishing I lived in a place where it is socially acceptable to wear a bikini at all times 🌴 🕶 #aruba
The closest I got to dressing up for Halloween this year 🎃🍂🐱
Be comfortable in the skin you're in... After all, it is your creation. If you're not content with who you are or what you are in any aspect of your life, work towards who you want to be and the ...
Scarf season 🍂🍁 #canada
Pumpkin patch with my pumpkins 🎃 💕 👨‍👩‍👧
@coldphotography just sent me this and made me realise how much I miss my Cali friends and @aftersicecream 😢❤️
If you are experiencing any problems in your life, a dog is always the answer❤️🐶 #hunter
Throwback to being the smallest human being... Do I miss being that small? Sometimes. Is it an ideal, long term look? Not at all. If there is one thing I could tell all you future competitors is to enjoy your ...
As much as I love going to the gym and the fact that weightlifting is such a huge part of my life, I've been doing this thing where I'm more open minded about trying new things that typically I would ...
I have literally been all shapes and sizes... if there is one thing I've learned through my journey of training and dieting is that you need to hold value to yourself at ALL stages. I love being shredded, but I ...
So this is me, two months post nationals. I feel like anyone who has competed knows the feeling of looking at pictures of themselves after a show and thinking "I'm fat" or "I need to stop eating foods that I ...
He finally took off his jorts (jean shorts made himself), washed his hair (cause he's like me and never does) and it turns out he can actually clean up quite well🤷🏻‍♀️ #happilyeverduench
Throwback to string bean days 🙈 A couple more weeks of relaxing before I begin my off season 🤙🏽 #itsgrowtime
I have no pictures of my sister and I from the wedding yet, so I decided to post a picture of her two favourite people 👴🏼👸🏻Nothing but #love and excitement for my sister and her new husband 💕 #happilyeverduench #family
My: "I'm trying to be a model face" 🤷🏻‍♀️ #rookie
Feeling emotional because my big sister is getting married in two days. 👰🏻
[insert happy hump day caption here] 🙃@bossbarrie @bosssupplements
Someone once told me that dreams come true to those that hustle for it 🤙🏽 #lvft #teamlvft
Be a #boss in all aspects of life; strive to be your best, and when you feel like there is no progress reflect on where you were a year, month or week ago and remind yourself you are heading in ...
One of my favourite shots with @coldphotography and one of my favourite shirts from @live_fit_apparel #teamlvft #lvft 🤙🏽🌺

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