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I think I can see my house! πŸ€” Cool angle of the South Bay from a weather balloon which Meadows Elementary launched 2 years ago. #southbay #weatherballoon #space
Just when you thought nothing could beat Cyber Monday, along cake close out Tuesday dishing out neck breaking deals to @alexgray_official @wellzydog @kyle_beatty @conor_beatty @andyprunauer @trev_lash @tarzangelo and others. #waves #southbay #surfing #surfers #civiccouch
That’s how you do it folks. Stay calm and stand straight up and hold your line even though that thing is going to close out and slam you into the sand. It’s always a pleasure shooting with Conor. @conor_beatty
We may have a cure if hanging around your extended family has you unnerved. We found this gem, the Zinc signature drink, while shooting our upcoming 2 minute review. @zinclounge @shadehotelmb πŸ‘Œ
You’re probably not enjoying their locally famous Mexican food today but it might be a good follow up meal tomorrow? Casa Playa in Redondo Beach is one of our highest viewed videos on Facebook and a local favorite. #casaplaya #redondobeach ...
Happy memories and hopeful thoughts for more of these this winter. #southbay #civiccouch
Another great South Bay winter memory. Matty at his spot. This must be 4-5 years ago. #southbay #civiccouch photo: @bradjacobson1
If you zoom in you can see a guy on the shoulder of the front wave. This day was crazy!
Looks more like a forest than the Grandaddy of Restaurants, Panchos! It’s our featured restaurant in our next 2 minute review. @panchos_mb #mexicanfood #restaurant #restaurantdesign
Dear Mother Nature... we’re still waiting for a few of these 🀞😊
Hey South Bay surfers, get out your best close out boards! Winter swells are starting to show. #elporto #closeouts #howdidigetthatmuchsandinmywetsuit
What do you think Steve said this time? We always have fun on our shoots and today at @hbfishshop was no exception. Thanks @verajimeneztv for putting up with Steve 😜. @altstrat #hermosabeach
Here comes the weekend! 😏
Moody winter Los Angeles mornings. Hope to see this mood sooner than later! Photo: @bradjacobson1
Old timers shed tears when Hibachi went away but in its place rose Rock N Fish, which is the feature of our newest 2 Minute Review. See the full video on our Facebook page or via the YouTube link in ...
Happy 50th to South Bay legend Tom Seth! @tom_seth
So many stories for here... We just released a new episode featuring South Bay icon the Kettle. You can view it on our Facebook page or through the link in our profile. @thekettlemb #manhattanbeach #restaurant #foodie
We're pretty excited about winter mornings coming soon. Fingers crossed 🀞
Today's shoot, sipping Grog's at Rock N Fish with Michael in front of the lens. @michaelzislis @rocknfishmb
We at the Kettle this morning shooting our next 2 minute review and I'm pretty sure you have tried this, but if not swing in and give their French onion soup a taste. You will not be disappointed. @thekettlemb
It was great to see so many people come out and support our schools through the Skechers Pier to Pier walk on Sunday. @brookeburke @sugarrayleonard @skechers @skechersp2pwalk @michaelsgreenberg
🚫🏊🏻 #manhattanbeach #signs
It's almost November. Hopefully we'll be doing more of this soon! 🀞
Luckily it's a dry heat 😜
Big airs and barrels, opening day this morning in the South Bay and everyone was killing it. Surfers include: @danezaun @dgraysilva @noahcollins @wellzydog @zellykaun @burrell_ko #southbay #surfing @matt_pagan @brunasschmitz @pickettsavatar πŸŽ₯ @bradjacobson1
Shooting our next restaurant today, Sloopy's in Manhattan Beach. Video will be online soon. #manhattanbeach #restaurant #food #foodporn #foodie @sloopysbeachcafe @mbchamber
Looks like our neighbors to the south had some sizable waves yesterday. Nice capture Brad. @bradjacobson1
In this episode (link in bio) we feature R10 Social House on the Redondo Beach Boardwalk. #redondobeach #redondobeachpier @r10socialhouse
Love oysters and deals? Rockefeller offers $1 oysters on Monday's. Not a bad way to start the week! @rockefellergastropub #oysters
Two of the South Bays biggest legends! Image the stories...

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