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Finishing @sara_ann_marie's Technically Wrong. Absolutely crucial read for anyone designing, developing, or marketing a software product. If that's you, buy this for yourself. If that's a friend or colleague, buy it for them as a holiday gift:
Intense week of 2018 planning with my powerhouse partner @ggiiaa, followed by a night at the Symphony with this well-dressed man. ⚡️🎄
This week's been struggle-filled: fear of heights + lack of flexibility prevent me from progressing as fast as I'd like to on a few moves. But, silver lining, this still looked pretty cool.
Omg. Just opened the most amazing gift from the #centherstage crew. Thank you so much, @smgrieser!! 💖❤️ (and Amy and the rest of the gals -- wish I could find your IG names.)
And for a brief moment, all was right in @unronik's world.
First FULL drop! It took foreverrrrr to get past the fear of falling and just let go.
First-ever drop (a pretty small / easy one, but it's a start 🐣)
Last night, @unronik and I went to the Atlanta Auction Gallery with some friends, and Stephen fell in love with, bid on, and won this GIANT painting. He then proceeded to carry it through the streets and on MARTA back ...
Cheers and goodbye, 27. This leftie made it out alive.
Extreeeeeemely imperfect and slow, and feeling grateful for very patient teachers. Someday, will be able to do this at full speed! Until then, the baby steps continue 🐢
Singing poorly to @gogolbordello en route to New Orleans. Thanks for letting us live with you, @punchlinecopy + @thepeej24!
My husband a) knows me extremely well, b) is terrible at waiting until my actual birthday to show me what he got me (it's still 3 weeks away). PS: this pin is ginormous IRL and I'm so stoked to wear ...
"Showed up to an out-of-town wedding 2 hours early by mistake" faces.
Nature walk in the heart of the city.
Baby step after baby step.
Partnership planning trip this weekend. The behind-the-scenes: it took us until 4am to make some of our biggest decisions. Since we're perfectly aligned on our mission (and on the importance of snacks) though, all was worth it. 💖⚡️💵
Today has been hard. If you haven't already, please give yourself five minutes to breathe.
Moment of quiet during last weekend's #azf5.
Between #azf5 and #atlantastreetsalive, it was a good weekend for South Broad St.
@unronik caught me learning how to mount my bike to buses at #atlantastreetsalive.
When you put a dress on for the evening, then your boo outdoes you with a whole damn suit. 💄
I've started setting aside Friday mornings as "MENTAL SPACE" in my calendar. It's my weekly time reserved for stepping back, looking at the big picture of work and life, and assessing what is / isn't working / what needs to ...
Baby steps. Watching others on silks who've been doing it for years, I wanna be like 🚀🚀...but only one month in, I'm like 🐌
I've been in severe burnout mode this month + last. I took on faaaar more projects all at once than is reasonable for one person, out of a combination of things: excitement about working with brands and people I admire, ...
Played hooky yesterday and discovered, among many things, that the Georgia State Capitol is *filled* with pink marble.
Hey, Instagram 👋 I haven't shared anything here in 2 years, but may be back every once in a while. Here's me earlier tonight, learning to do some very basic aerial tricks.

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