Jim Sullivan | @eastcoastcrib

I went to the beach and a marriage broke out. #crossfitwingman #thestill
Thanks Santa for the new watches ...... and spending time with the fam down in Sunny Florida with a few brews by the pool #iwatch3
To many brews last night. Thank god for construction areas.
Ahhh ..... Beautiful day for a ride
Ridin' like a boss
Big day at @crossfitwingman .... Great time in the hurt locker today #murph 39:19 RX
April Fools Bobble head day on Zwift with @kellalina
I need one of these for the crib #stat
Crossfit 17.3 Open competition time at #crossfitwingman
Ran into a Scary Clown this weekend. Great time with the @cyclonautmultisport crew.
At B dubs to carb load with our birthday princess after a workout at Bounce
These will be a cool edition to the gym. These babies were actually used in the games this year.
Let's get 1 thing straight Zack .... This is not a bike! #assaultbike #crossfitwingman
Today was a great day to get high. #cyclonauts
Father's Day 9 Mile hike to the summit of Mt Greylock with @kellalina .....This was the shortest distance to heaven to say Hi to Dad. #cyclonauts #crossfitwingman
Enjoying some summertime weather with girls.
Wore the Garmin during The WOD at #crossfitwingman #weaktriathlete
Out on the town with my girls
Winter has officially begun.
These gifts from Cabos were fitting.
No wetsuits, super hot, windy ..... This has a Hawaiian feel #imlc
Girls are down to race weight. Looking tiny! #cyclonauts
I got a "bad choice of attire" penalty at the Triathlon this morning. #speedo
Having fun on the swing set #grampastyle
Our little princess just made her first communion #proudgrampa
Keeping it green today! .... Prepping for St. Patricks Day with @kellalina
Nice day for a swim
Grampa, Great Grampa and Great Great Grampa ...... I'm the kid in the bunch for once.
Another day in the rain with @patwheeler1 .... He said hydration was key today, so I wore my hydration jersey at #qt2 camp today.
Fun 6 hour ride in the rain with @patwheeler1 at #qt2 camp.

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