Evan Dell'Aquila | @evvo.oliver

Burnt n' crispy
Return of Joyce
End of the roll
A witness to true excellence 💎
Show of a lifetime 🤘🏼
War on Drugs a forever life soundtrack 🌊
What appears to be basic is often just primitive
The kids got this. They got each other. Move out the way.
The whole OG crew #tiff17
Crude gravity
What the sun brings out 🌞🌝🌻
Six years
That you?
Lipstick singles
New necklaces
Four (4) bad bitches
Pee ka chew
Check yourself out Canada, you look pretty
When your spirit animal stares back
What I do when I say when I'm alone
Canada has the worlds largest fresh water sand bar and dune system? Two hours from Toronto? What!? This country never fails to impress me. #canadianboyforever
Shady like my wifi
Never say no to a Queen
So many flavours so little time

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