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Which local brew is for you?
When it's this cold our imagination is all we have left. Dreaming of warmer days with a Strawberry Lime Jones Soda and an Islander...Feltner Sauce, teriyaki glaze, lettuce, tomato, grilled pineapple and pepper jack cheese!
It's a Chili Ray kinda day!
We're not really into New Year's resolutions, but in case you are...there's grilled chicken.
The Shroom Swissalaka!

All other mushroom Swiss burgers are just pretenders!
The secret to starting your week off on the right foot!
Happy Fry Day!
Best excuse for not going on a New Year's diet..."I have to post it online, so I have to eat it!" It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it!
Sometimes, you just gotta kick your shoes off and take a nap. And sometimes, your shoe becomes a pillow. #shoepillow
As promised...new year, new burger! Just in time for the bitter cold...introducing the Chili Ray Cyrus! Featured for a limited time only to warm you up during these winter months!
It'll be tough to top 2017...a new addition to the family, an appearance on Food Network, a celebration of eight years in business and many, many burgers served!

Hey Brothers, we've got our work cut out for us in 2018! ...
So you know... Happy New Year!
BOOM! In your face!
The whole famn damily! Sending the oldest Feltner brother, Taylor, back to LA after one last double cheeseburger!
Win the week!
So much to smile about with Christmas only a few days away!

We will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! This will be our last post until Tuesday the 26th, so we want to take a moment to thank ...
Dinner bell's a ringin'! Time to load the family up and head to Feltner Brothers!
It's pretty simple, people!
A six pack souvenir sent to us from the folks @jonessodaco. We're not sure if we make the bottle look better or worse, but one thing's for sure, they're delicious. We've got Orange & Cream, Grape and Strawberry Lime. Get ...
Celebrated Christmas with Mom's family in Morrilton over the weekend. Grandma turns 90 this week! Happy early birthday, Grandma! We love you!

Whether you're celebrating your 90th Christmas like her or first like Mila, we hope you're as blessed as ...
It doesn't have to be a tablet, a new phone or a 55" tv to make your loved one happy this holiday season! The best gifts aren't found wrapped under the tree...they're stuffed in the stocking. Stuff away with burgers ...
Enough with the burgers, Dad! Post a picture of me!
Our latest Instagram story poll question asked if you would eat Dad's mushroomS - Spicy Cajun. Sounds like a lot of you would. We responded yes too and did today! Fantastic on the Shroom Swissalaka and Grilled Chicken! Talk about ...
The light will go out soon on Cheryl's Favorite. If you haven't had this limited time only burger yet, you've only got until the end of 2017. So act now and get one today!

Also, do yourself a favor and ...
The polls are closed...the votes are in...coming January 2018: Chili Ray Cyrus...Feltner Sauce, Mustard, White Onion, Chili and Cheddar Cheese!

Congratulations to April Anne Ameling for winning The Feltner Brothers Show burger challenge! Her burger will be featured on our ...
A well dressed burger is like a well decorated Christmas tree. It's a thing of beauty!

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we hope you'll take a second to slow down and dine with us. We can't ...
The lead-up to Christmas is just a little bit different for the Feltner family this year.

Throwback Thursday to a year ago today when the brothers traveled to New York City to shoot for Food Network's show The Kitchen. Fast ...
Meal - noun : the food served and eaten at one of the regular times for taking food during the day as breakfast, lunch or dinner.

In this case, a single burger or cheeseburger with fries or onion rings and ...

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