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Got sunburned in June, still got the tan lines to prove it.
Of The Things That Matter video coming soon.
Read my knees. Link in bio.
It’s only Tuesday. 📷 @mollyktadams
I know this photo is basic. Whatever. I love December in California.
Hey lady.
I have the same haircut as 15th century child murderer, Gilles De Rais. Learn all about him on this week’s episode of Murder With Friends. Link in bio.
My parents, before we knew each other.
What does @ehcapel’s travel blog have in common with the new episode of Murder With Friends? Link in bio to find out. #suspense #squarespace
“Like a kid in a mother fucking candy store.” - Jojo Siwa
New Murder With Friends featuring the lovely and the author of this damn good book! Link in bio.
Life comes at you fast. Today I am a blissed and blessed twenty-seven year old. Thanks for all the warm wishes, it’s not an adventure unless you get to share it with people you love. 💛
Tide pools > Swimming pools
This week on #murderwithfriends I’m joined by my beloved friend, and former roommate, Jay Light to discuss “The Candyman” Dean Corll. Jay is currently on a cross-country comedy tour, so here’s a photo of me and my new roommate. Follow ...
A dog day afternoon.
Lizzie and I rewatched Freaky Friday the other night which reminded me of this coverable classic. #lesbianswhosingsadsongs #whatdoyoumeanthatsnotahashtag
In honor of my brother narrating this week's installment of #murderwithfriends, here is a recent photo of us. Representing NASA and cutting our own damn bangs. Link in bio.
Sweet dreams.
Post hypnosis. (We went to Ikea today).
Some of my favorite outtakes from the "Of The Things That Matter" cover shoot. The first is just straight up adorable, the second is my response to @anikoui telling me to smile without showing my teeth. We're gonna make one ...
What does Elvis have to do with the murder of two sisters in 1956? New #murderwithfriends. Link in bio.
Feels like I'm home. Thank you to everyone who's shown us such love and kindness as we enter this new season of life. Cheers to you! ✨
Link in mother effing bio. #murderwithfriends
Thanks @huffpostqueervoices for the really nice write up about the "Don't Grow Up Too Fast" video. Link to full article in bio. 🌈
Willie likes to start his day with smooches, morning breath be damned. #tbt to our simple life on the road.
Dress blues
To celebrate the release of my EP, I wanted to share a special video for my song "Don't Grow Up Too Fast". If you're curious about how I proposed to Lizzie, here's your answer. Link in bio.

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