Jamila Barranda | @jamilaisabel

Me when greeting the L’s im about to take
Still stuck in that summer haze
You make me feel good, I️ like it 🖤🎶
Happy I-week to this little angel. Can’t wait to share the beauty of ΚΚΓ with you💙
Don't say a word while we dance with the devil #ΣΧdateparty
Putting spells on you this Halloween 🔮
Escape life and let the music take over
So happy my little got to lose herself in the music with me 🔮✨
Radiate good energy ✨
A1 lighting with an A1 date
Took a LITTLE and not an L • everyone meet my perfect Little Lex
@dillonfrancis we're coming for you hot #bigshow2017
Missing Vegas, you, and my parking pass
Doesn't hurt to do some risky business with some Kappas #sigmachi #whiteparty
Self love and bliss✨
Best believe your Recruitment Chair and Spirit & Morale danced on their last bid day as if it was their first bid day
So happy I get to share my home with you and even happier you went Kappa. Welcome to the best 💙
If it wasn't for these lovely ladies on this Standards committee, I wouldn't have truly found what Kappa means to me and embody the spirit of Kappa. We can't wait to meet all of you💙✨ #gokappa
From our first year in Kappa to our last year in Kappa, I'm happy I get to spend it with you✨
Miss running around Vegas with two of my favorite people 👩‍👧‍👧✨
Thanks for making me feel tall at a festival for once 💕 #hardsummer
I live for the nights of endless dancing. Thanks @dillonfrancis for showing me how to Vegas
See you soon Galantis
Only for my biggest pain would I decide last minute to see you for the day. Happy birthday weekend Olive♋️💕
I love 4th of July because it's exactly a week before my birthday
Oh what a night
Thank you for always putting a smile on my face, love you Sabs 💕
Seeing Steve Angello for one of our final nights in the Philippines was one of the best decisions we've made
I'd be lying if I said this helmet didn't weigh twice my size, but I'd also be lying if I said I didn't enjoy my little ocean adventure 🐠🐚

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