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We could all be related🤷🏾‍♀️
20! 9-25-97 #itsmybirthday
Happy 40th Birthday Dada!😘
Happy Birthday Aus! We love you!
Happy Father's Day Daddy!
Happy Birthday Grandma! I miss you👼🏾❤️
Happy Birthday Kate!🎉🎉🎉🎉
Just some originals back together again✈️
We love and miss you grandma💜 find a mom who will get matching tattoos with you
Sorry mom, Jasa postponed Mother's Day again🤷🏾‍♀️...2 years in a row. This is just an appreciation post
My real TCU roommate😂
Another year another great sweet 16!
So thankful to have a best friend that will see @chrisbrownofficial with me over and over and over again even when I should be studying for finals.
#tbt Godmommy duties❤️
This is all I have to say. #3's face says it all
Happy 16th Birthday Way Way!
It's always a good time with the Bass family!
Someone let me know when It's time for my next growth spurt.
So much fun getting to see our uncles and cousins out in Vegas!
The reason why I don't stay at school every weekend #minime
Road tripped to San Antonio to see the Bucks beat the Spurs☺️
Happy Birthday Lyric!😝
Patiently waiting to get this gang back together again😈
Happy 2nd Birthday to Nonnie's big girl! Love you Jrue Jrue😘
Thankful for her even though we don't act like we love each other.
Happy Birthday "baby" as @johnyika and Jrue call you😂😘
Hi. Miss u. Happy Birthday. 😁
Happy Birthday to the best mom in the world!
#nationalsistersday plus many many more

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