JENNY WATWOOD | @jenny_watwood

#bts 💔
Downtown LA, 11:09am | @shopjaybird @kchartsock... might have woke up in Miami 🌴
Los Angeles, 3:43pm | @greyareala @wickswalker @pizzandlipstick #polaroid
Got so many chains they call me chaining Tatum.
Mexico | 3:08pm | COMING SOON @frecku @rickyrozay @bhanmer
Last nigh with @revolve #mcxrevolve 💕 wearing a piece from the @michaelcostello collaboration. Fits like a glove!
And I’m back @wickswalker @pizzandlipstick @greyareala
Can’t wait to get home to this old man @derekwhite_
Oh hi @tirro_
My other half @cindywatwood
Reliving memories cuz I couldn’t go to Dubai with my @followmenetwork family 😭😭 first time I’ve ever had FOMO 🎥 @d_sil #bondgirl
Heading to the desert for the weekend 🌵#polaroid
Dusty @rickyrozay
Today is my actually birthday. So, thank you all for the sweetest messages. Everyone who celebrated with me, I love you. Thank you thank thank you, but a special thank you to my amazing mom for giving me life. I ...
Waking up with @tiabi__ 🖤
South central, 1:35pm |@stylerunner @passmorepics @renactive
My place, 11:12pm | @rickyrozay
Los Angeles, 5:26pm || @greyareala @wickswalker @louisetheporsche @gabriellesolana.mua
Sleepy digies
Busy about my business
#bts morning light
Desert child 🌵
#bts yesterday with @tirro_ 🦂❤️#sheatsgoldsteinresidence
Fresh | @rickyrozay
Venice Beach, 5:43pm | @tirro_ not today obviously ☁️🌧
Favorite lines & labels @thelinebyk & @lpa of course ☺️🔥☕️
Mulholland HWY Los Angeles, 5:38pm | @wickswalker @greyareala @gabriellesolana.mua

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