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Fine, here’s an Ohio selfish.
Got beat up by a senior citizen this morning.
Adventures in the Angeles National Forest today.
Kitchen science: Did you know the reason onions make us cry is because the story of the onion is so sad?

Speaking of sad stories, check my story for an all new recipe featuring the mysterious and elusive Anaheim chile ...
Getting excited for Thanksgiving- or as I like to call it: Turkeyday (gobble gobble). Don’t forget to thaw your bird. #thanksgiving
For those wondering, this is Picacho Peak State Park between Phoenix and Tuscon. Recommend.
I don’t know them, but I’m rooting for these two. Don’t be one of those people who only snaps one picture when your significant other strikes a cool yoga pose on a precipice. Snap four or five pictures. #couples
Fine, here’s a self picture.
Unfiltered “Dave”
Charcoal on canvas
Third Eye Blind 📷 @dave_hart
Acrylic on canvas
Don’t miss the adventures of Simps in my story. Here’s Simps snoozing beside a roaring fire, face aglow from the light of his phone. Soon he’d wake and demand to know what happened to all the wood. #simps #campvibes
The prognosis is never good with Dr. Goofball @jmillstein1
It’s been an emotional morning. Thank you for your support during this difficult time.
Red convertible
@sergiocilli your new commercial is running. Good job!
Look at @sergiocilli clutching his spoils like a maniac. He kept whispering, “Welcome to Eagle Rock, b*tch.” He was smoking on a huge cigar and blowing the smoke in everybody’s face the whole game, plus all the profanity... I dunno, ...
Highly recommend @outintheopenradio for expertly curated music you can’t find on the radio. This first playlist is full of gems.
DRIB out today on iTunes! Check out the film Rotten Tomatoes calls an “unclassifiable docu-joke” with a “pretty decent punchline.” All star performances by @brettgelman @amiramadeus Annie Hamilton Adam Pearson and more. Helmed by the brilliant @kristogger. @drib.drib.drib
Ran into my friend at lunch
Cleaned carburetor/jets, coolant flush, oil/filter change, new battery, new spark plug, new air filter, new gas, full success. This thing is running like a top.
One carburetor, stuck. Anybody want a motorcycle that's been set on fire?
New battery led to a coolant flush which turned into an oil change that demanded carburetor cleaning and I don't know how to do that but here we are.
Fine, here's another selfish from last night. Dinner and a show.
Finally got to play outside this weekend. Many thanks to #fjallravenLaBrea for the legendary trousers. Welcome to the neighborhood. #viddapro #campvibes #fjallraven
I went to an improv comedy show in an enchanted forest last night. Here's @fruitsandnuts_improv crushing it, followed by Puddy with a set about dolphins.

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