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If you were called up on the TED stage to give a 10 min talk, what would you speak about?
And I have a goal, to one day give a TED talk. One day on the red carpet... #tedxbyu
Iceland is pretty cool. Well actually it is freezing.
But you get the picture. 🗻❄️❄️🌬🏔 #skogafoss
A magical day in a pretty magical place with a great group of friends. And yes we carried our wands around the whole park.
When I painted with water colors I would always end up with a big puddle of mud. Learning to stop and let the layers dry between features kinda helps. Painted this yesterday.
When you get that late night snacks desire. @chipcookiesco
Grow Finer Things Club. Everyone brought a favorite book and then we traded them white elephant style. #happyholidays #bookclub #readingrainbow
Pretty stoked to fly this tomorrow. #mavic #dji #tomorrow
When BYU wins on the last play of a double overtime Homecoming game, you rush the field. Thanks to @theryandance for being one of the first on the field as always. 😄
Coldplay was a dream come true. More specifically a 'head full of dreams'. This picture was taken by my friend @liesebelle. Our seats were a bit higher up, but just as magical. 😄
I had a 'head full of dreams' to see Coldplay love. Yellow was the first song I ever heard from them. And tonight was everything I dreamed and more.
Happy Earth Day! I love nature. I always tell people I am a little bit of a tree hugger. And yesterday was the first actually warm night. Bring on the adventures! #littlecottonwood #utah
Light chasers sky on 🔥

The sky was lit last night coming out of Little Cottonwood Canyon. I came around the bend and immediately drove off the road, hoped out and started shooting. So beautiful. The rain was falling illuminated ...
Happy Easter. In between all the eggs and food and family and celebration, I am grateful for the knowledge that because He rose again, we can as well. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ. Happy Easter!
The Chicken Nugget Angel. Model @toriackerman - Adventure idea @ryanbjonesy 📷 by me. Taken with the iPhone. Nuggets from @mcdonalds
180 chicken nuggets + 4 friends = one unforgettable night. In the end the chicken nuggets almost won but we fought them to a draw.
Anyone want to go back to Thanksgiving break? Sisters on the bridge in the PNW. What is your favorite hike?
Lovers in the Pacific Northwest.
Wallace Falls was so pretty. Moss trees family nature. Pretty good combination.
When all the wives are sick, Friendsgiving turns into Mansgiving. Pre-gaming Thanksgiving so hard. But seriously I am grateful for such wonderful friends in my life.
Did a bit of adventuring last night. Didn't get as far up the mountain as I wanted but still saw some awe inspiring beauty.
Chasing fall gold in Heber Utah. #mountains #fall #ryanjones
I see a light, it's so pretty... And then you get wiped out by a wave.
This is right at the end of the most ghetto water slide ever. 150 meter sliding under a freeway.
I made a video that ...
We shot some product for a beef jerky company while we were at Yankee Doodle Canyon. Here our intrepid explorers casually enjoy some refreshments whilst perched on the edge of the abyss. Something like that. #utah #adventure #beefjerky
Hanging out in Southern Utah. Yankee Doodle canyon was a lot harder than last time. Floods have washed away a lot of the sandy bottom, giving you lots of water. Some of the down climbs are pretty knarly. Only left ...
And we'll all float on. #pool #float #blue
Sometimes you just have to start hiking.
Over the 4th of July weekend was camping with my cousins. Saw this cross way up on the mountain. Decided we just had to hike to it. We couldn’t find a trail so ...
No one mourns the Wicked. Loved seeing the best musical with my parents. I third wheeled their date. #paramount #goodnews #wonderful
Wakeboarding, fish and chips on the dock, bald eagles, sunset under the bridge. It doesn't get much better than this in the Pacific Northwest. #pnw #nofilter
Come forth into the light of things,
Let Nature be your teacher. - William Wordsworth

Running with the brother and sister makes me realize I need to run more if I am going to keep up. #washington #trailrunning
Our fearless camping captain Nate relaxes at altitude. #hammocking #camping
Inspired by Gravity Glue we tried stacking rocks on a break in our hike. Turns out it is possible! Just takes some patience. #stacking #igutah #hiking

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