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FRIENDS NOT FOOD! @blissfulvegan.s - A 400-pound calf rescued after Hurricane Harvey believes she's a pet dog lol
#ohemgee❤️ #friendsnotfood #cows #beef #veal #dairy #animallovers #dogs #dogsofig #dogsofinstagram #govegan #fortheanimals
😍😍beautiful Asia needs rescue ASAP!! #repost @lolysmenchaka with @get_repost
ASIA is available for rescues as well
Germán Shepherd
Age (approximate): 1 years
Sex Female
Color BLACK/Brown
Available on:
(Subject to change) Mar 20, 2018
Rescue Date:
(Subject to ...
Look at allll of these beautiful dogs that some dickheads paid for and dumped!!! Pls ADOPT!!! Needs out of the shelter ASAP!!! #repost @castaicanimalcarecenter with @get_repost
Meet Jordan #a5154225 he is a 4yr old American Bully with a heart ...
Come TF on people!!!! Look at this face!!!! Pls!! Share this baby!!!! #repost @the.awoken.ones_ with @get_repost
RP➡@furballtv_carson - 💜
✳️CLYDE ✳️ID: #a5159066
💖CLYDE is just the cutest guy ever and he has beautiful energy. He needs some help, ...
This breaks my heart.. 😞 pls share.. #repost @vegstina with @get_repost
Please donate to my fundraiser for this precious boy! His wheels are now covered and being donated but he also needs an amputation and bandage changes. This will ...
This baby needs help getting a wheelchair!! Pls share and or donate #repost @vegstina with @get_repost
Please donate to my fundraiser for this precious boy! I want to get him some wheels! Link in my profile! Thank you to ...
My mom just forwarded this to me. I don’t have Facebook!! Pls help!! #philadelphia #facebook #newjersey
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Please lets be a voice for the voiceless 😶animals, children, elderly, list can go on..
♥️😍 Kirk needs rescue immediately!! #repost @amandasblunt with @get_repost
Beautiful Kirk is still waiting to be saved,please consider this handsome guy💔🐶 This big beautiful handsome boy is Kirk😍 He showed up as a stray,with no tags or microchip and ...
Juju is home now, relaxing. He’s upset and groggy. Dr removed 4 tumors that were all deemed fatty, so nothing to worry about.. removed a few skin tags and cleaned his teefies 😀. Don’t ever like seeing him this way ...
My lil man Juju is having surgery tomorrow. Wanted to ask for some positive thoughts for him. He’s 10 now and has been paralyzed for 6.5 years. I rescued him at 3 months old, he was born with many degenerative ...
RP @compassionate_earthling
Something you might think is minuscule is rather huge to others.. this woman is everything.. beautiful human.. 💯❤️ #repost @thekeytobalance420 with @get_repost
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Not all queens live in castles but all of them need to ...
NORTH CAROLINA 🚨💔 (Heart stick killing shelter) OAKLEY- NEEDS HELP NOW!!! #repost @theunforgottensouls with @get_repost
Gorgeous Boy Needs Shares, Tags And Pledges
Please Keep Sharing Oakley 💙🐾 "Oakley" HW-
(ID: 11740) (2nd photo)
Intake date 2/20/18

Columbus county animal ...
EAST ORANGE, NJ 🚨 This angel face needs a caring, loving human ASAP!! #repost @brick_city_rescue with @get_repost
‼️ PLEASE SHARE. RESCUE FOSTER OR ADOPTER NEEDED ASAP. I NEED HELP! ‼️ Today our colleague saw this pup and her owner ...
UPDATE: RESCUED ♥️MONTCLAIR CA 🚨 these two were just picked up off the streets, wondering around hungry and unsupervised by @m.jercan & @ginger_luvs_monster they are two of thee kindest souls on the planet! They already have 6 dogs and several ...
Starburst is in need of our help.. pls share.. pls donate.. check the gofund in bio for info.. ♥️♥️ #repost @morganaxbaby with @get_repost
#bathtime STARBIRST NEEDS OUR HELP‼️‼️ click link in bio and read her story ‼️‼️💕 #animals #animal ...
This man does the work of 100+ men by caring for hundreds of dogs!! They are out of food and desperately need help!!! Pls donate anything you can for this guy to simply feed these poor dogs. It takes a ...
KOREATOWN, LOS ANGELES-🚨 3 puppies in need of a GOOD, LOVING HOME. Owner just wants to give them to good people. 2 boys, 1 female. Help, pls. Need homes ASAP... anyone know a good chihuahua rescue?!! FREE TO GOOD HOME, ...
South Los Angeles, CA- 😍😍 honestly!!!! I am in love! Look at how handsome he is!!! Needs OUT NOW!! URGENT!! 🚨🚨🚨 #repost @beastymermaid with @get_repost
• • •
Posted this angel last week!! He’s still there!! Has a sponsored pull fee! Pls share him before it’s too late.. #repost @pagan__goddess_ with @get_repost
I can’t believe this handsome boy is still in the shelter. 🙁He’s gorgeous. 😍I will ...
I sent my girlfriend Gracie some pj’s.. think she’s pleased with them?!! Lol me either 🤣🤣🤣 #saffy #amstaff #americanstaffordshireterrier #graciegirl #dogsofinstagram #resued #pajamaparty #caligirl
And this bitch has the nerve to be named TRASHunda. Smfh. Can I pls be transported to another planet?! 🤬#repost @furanimals17 with @get_repost
Make this trash famous! This woman is selling 1 day old puppies and calling the momma ...
Wtf?!!! Time to raise hell!!! #repost @jdb8100 with @get_repost
Credit to jay_nicole_83 : EVIL MONSTERS!!! The person who posted this photo stated this is in fact Gregory Conner of MPK9 dog trainer. If this is their terror method or ...
Video of Starburst with her brother Mango.. pls share #repost @morganaxbaby with @get_repost
Piggies ❤️💕 click link in bio please ❤️ #animals #animal #pet #dog #cat #dogs #cats #photooftheday #cute #pets #instagood #animales #cute #love #nature #animallovers #pets_of_instagram #petstagram ...
BURLINGTON, NJ🚨❤️This is Starbust! She’s is 40 years old!!! She was rescued by two friends of mine years ago from a terribly neglectful situation. She was diagnosed recently with subcutaneous emphysema. The treatment is $1,700-2,600.00. Her mom and dad really ...
What in God’s name?!!!!
BROOKLYN NY- GORGEOUS 6 month old who needs rescue or adopter IMMEDIATELY! Or a long term foster at the least!!! WE CANNOT LET HER GO TO THE NYC SHELTER!! This is not an option! They will kill her there! PLS ...
Everyday is international woman’s day. #strongwomen ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿💞💕
What else do you want me to say? Do I need a long ass caption stating the many reasons to leave that carcass off your plate? I didn’t think so either.. #wakeup #vegan #veganfood #vegansofig #veganism #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #plants #chokeonit ...

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