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Known to some weaker folk as 'bossy' or 'bitchy' are women some of us like to call 'persistent'. This one is for my fellow ladies, because we deserve so much more than one day in March.
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I seem to need a lot of quiet time as I get older. (It's straight up silent in here right now.)
I got this little heart ornament—handmade by @hrsmijo—a long time ago. I've hung it on a door in every home I've had since as a reminder to let love in. Happy Valentine's Day. ❤️
Snippet shot from a beautiful winter shoot at @pineridgehollow by @charmainemallari. Handmade papers make all the difference.
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Never give up on someone with a mental illness. When 'I' is replaced by 'we,' illness becomes wellness." - Shannon L. Alder
Today, for each post using the #bellletstalk hashtag, @bell will contribute 5¢ to mental health initiatives. There's far ...
Women's rights are human rights. #womensmarch #strongertogether
Merry Christmas!

A little late to the game; just finishing gift wrapping. Happy Holidays, everyone!
Even though it's coming up this weekend, it hasn't felt like the holidays as much as I would like. Is it just me? Good thing I picked up my wreath from @heather_page at @academyflorist earlier this week. It's more festive ...
A definite high point of 2016: seeing your name and work in print in the latest @martha_weddings issue. @ashleynicoledesign's gorgeous wedding includes the work of some of the most talented bunch we have to offer here in Winnipeg. So grateful ...
Nutella brownies going in the oven!!
A shot from last year's winter workshop with @murlifestyle and @heather_page. Stunning photography as always by @brittanymahood.

#calligraphy #walnutink
A pretty package of papers from @owlpostcalligraphy. Black and ox blood. Almost too nice to write on!
Copper ink and leafing suite for this equestrian shoot at @pineridgehollow. (All I can think of while I type this is 'copper boom'!) See more over on @hostwinnipeg

Direction @bespoke.photo; photography & assistance @charmainemallari; venue @pineridgehollow; florals @oakandlily; linens @plannedperfectly
It seems appropriate with our fresh layer of snow today that @jennaraecakes has begun their 12 days of #jrcchristmas! One of the most petite, tasty and colourful shoots I've had the pleasure of contributing to, that's for sure.

A nice treat to be flipping through the new holiday issue of @styleathome and see your name and calligraphy in print! Top notch work by Danielle of @murlifestyle, photography @brittanymahood, florals @heather_page and treats @laughlovecakes

#styleathome #calligraphy
Hand painted sign for the most beautiful California wedding. I think the shot and film make it look a lot better than it is, so I want to thank @brittanymahood for that!
Well done, my friend! It's even better in person. @redherringsupplyco #monstera #leather #handmade #shopsmall
The lemons kept coming so I ran away camping with no cell reception. Life then gave me a rainbow instead. #exploremb
Beyoncé I am not. So when life gives me lemons, I make Nutella brownies and eat them in PJs at 7pm.
Literally wrapping up a project. Off to California they go!
Sending out some special letters to special people. This calls for some envelope bling from @send_more_mail. Thanks, Jaime!
Vintage stamps are always a good idea. They just don't make them like they used to.
So lucky to be a part of this gorgeous shoot that's up on @cottagehillmag today! Big thanks to @stonehouseweddings and to the talented @katwillson for the amazing photography.
The sun is shining, the weather is fine (for this time of year in Winnipeg) and I'm now 30! I've been hearing how great the thirties are. I'm actually pretty excited.
(Though I'm a little more excited for tomorrow when the candy goes on sale.)
Took a break from meal prep for a quick doodle. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
One night left until @nbwpg! #nbwpg #countdown
A proud @memobottle backer on Kickstarter. I'm so glad they reached their goal so that great places like @tinyfeast can carry them for others. It takes up less much space in my bag and on the planet. You should go ...
Learning Icelandic in Hecla.

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