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Christmas is my jam.
Also, this is a reenactment of @kristilangli's Courtney & a Cracker.
Family vacations are much easier when you're all this naturally good looking 💁‍♀️
In honor of the first snowfall ☕️❄️
My brother is finally 21! To many he is just that quiet kid in the corner that's obsessed with Apple, but he is easily one of the funniest & most loving people I know. His Schmidt-like tendencies paired with his ...
Happy birthday, Dad. Thanks for showing me who I can be & what I deserve. I love you.

P.S. Experience the 90s again with some quality double exposure.
*insert witty caption here that doesn't make it weird that I'm posting a random selfie*
I was doing some research for my major project & fell in love with @bellagracemagazine & this quote by @glennondoyle.
She's the Slytherin to my Ravenclaw. 🐍🦅 #tbt
@jessica_anne_k worked her magic on my hair, once again.
Sometimes I forget how beautiful Utah is... A week at Zions National Park with these losers was a great reminder.
Belfast was wonderful. I'll miss these boys & our hours of Phase 10 & Big Bang Theory like crazy. I can't wait to visit again.
As the majority of you know, books have always been my thing. I've had this picture on my phone for over two years. While today may be Harry Potter's 20th anniversary, I am reminded of the worlds I've delved into ...
Due to my horrible timing, we had to celebrate Father's Day early, which resulted in a day in Park City eating barbecue & window shopping. It was a wonderful day & I feel so lucky to have this family.
Now ...
Featuring two of my favorite things: Mexican culture & street art #puertovallarta #streetart #nayarit #diadelosmuertos
Puerto Vallarta has been fantastic. Cesar & his pals made it so I almost preferred the boat ride over the island. @vallarta_adventures is where it's at. #vallartaadventures #vallartaadventuresboat6 #rhythmsofthenight #lascaletas
Yay for vacations & such. #puertovallarta #riupalace
Throughout the years, while writing my mom a birthday post, I write about the things I love about her. Unfortunately, I've never spoke about the thing I cherish most of all. This tradition, per se, is looking at the moon ...
I've spent all morning trying to figure out something to say that encompasses what my sister is to me. I've looked for quotes, tried to think of funny stories, etc. Nothing quite worked, though. For once, words weren't enough. Thus, ...
"Guys. Remember. Everything is a once in a lifetime experience." -Words of wisdom from an eight year old boy
Straight thuggin' in Norway
Note to self: Grow a glitter beard
So, I got a trim.
Oh my goodness. Today was wonderful. So many free books & wine 😍😍 #lbf17 #londonbookfair #wizardofoz #publishing
The world of Boxen, created by eight year old C.S. Lewis & his eleven year old brother, W.H. Lewis, brings me solace when academic texts become unnecessarily pedantic. #boxen #cslewis #whlewis #beforenarnia
Once upon a time, my mom worked for Cameo, which resulted in free tickets to random events throughout the valley. This included every midnight premier of the Twilight Saga. Today, I stumbled upon the movies on Netflix. I'm suffering through ...

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