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Something that rarely happens. Snow in San Antonio. But enjoying it with my love and her little one. Serena was having a blast playing with the snow :)
When you have @lights as you SNES menu music ❤️❤️❤️👌🏼👍🏼 #snesclassic
I’m happy with my SNES library #nintendo #snes #snesclassic
Crystal version added on the snes :D
Slowly adding more to the console. Added some gba games too 😄 #snesclassic
Enjoying time with the little one. She stole my heart 😍😊
Vip fo Austin, I think yes!!!! And it’ll be the first show for my gf too 😍😍
Next big cosplay I want to work on. Thinking of finding the design and get a zentai style suit, then add the armor over it with EVA #aquaman #justiceleague #cosplay #futurecosplay #jasonmomoa
Got a bit bored. But still need to do some more on it. Came out decent for bleaching on my own
One hell of a cosplay!
Last night during the zombie walk with my two favorite ladies 😍😍😍
Went to pick up Spider-Man today and when I saw this box for Stranger Things. I had to get it #spidermanhomecoming #strangerthings #vhsbox
Games added to the snes classic 😍😍😍
Added some games to my Snes Classic
I wish I could take it to the show in Dallas tonight @lights #lights #skinandearth #birthdaycake #dirtythirty and a big thank you to @kaorynite5 for the amazing cake
11 at this location and I got my hands on the last one ❤️❤️❤️❤️#snesclassic
Another year around the world and I level up #lvl30 #dirty30
So last Friday I got my bundle, minus the poster. And then yesterday I got three different emails about multiple packages being delivered. So I go to my brothers how and I had two tubes and a box. I open ...
Continuing story mode on MvC:i
When your daughter tries a cookie from @hellosweeties.tx and instantly falls in love with them
Little adventure at #monstercon yesterday.
Ready to get out of work today to have some fun #marvel #capcom #marvelvscapcominfinite #xboxone
Body goals. Taking it one day at a time to get there
Future cosplays in the works. What do you all think 😉 #rickandmorty #beardedrick #picklerick #cosplay
Might not be szechuan dipping sauce but finally trying the sriracha Big Mac sauce
Got to see the #rickmobile with my love. Now we're eating and then going to see It

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