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My loves @chrispaynegilbert #kingstonpayne #myking
Thankful for my family. My job. My friends who’ve supported us and loved on us and we took on one of life’s greatest adventures. Thankful for my beautiful, happy, healthy baby boy, my amazing, loving husband and our life together. ...
3 years ago today this little boy was playing in a park when the Cleveland police shot and killed him. As we prepare to spend time with our families this holiday, take a moment to spare a thought and prayer ...
Dear universe, thank you for this incredible gift. #kingstonpayne #myking
Would you like some milk with your tea? @wickedlekker #pumpit #liquidgold
8/7c on @foxtv @luciferonfox 😈
The beauty and the King. Love this @ana_a_k 💛 Hey @terence_carter You’re up! 🙊 #kingstonpayne #myking
The 4.5 month sleep regression stage. It’s no joke. I’ve been operating on about 4 hours sleep, breastfeeding and working. Which often involves at least 10-12 hour days. It’s brought me to my knees at times. I feel like there’s ...
“Crib Life” with Basquiat 💛 #kingstonpayne #myking
B L A C K + G O L D By @nightpalm Love these journals, tape measures and this Miriam Webster dictionary.
So annoying. Both him and his father look perfect when they sleep and wake up. I on the other hand sleep like a hot mess and need a good hour for my mug to settle in. 😕 #trailer life. #kingstonpayne ...
She has baby but girl came to play 👊🏽 #shesback #mazikeen
I call this one “just us”. Happy birthday @officialtomellis you gorgeous human being you. Thanks for hitting a pregnant lady during this fight. I hope you enjoyed my returned “accidental” shot to the noggin. 🤣 I love you friend. Thanks ...
She’s back. @michellechung13 and @styleswithange killing this look for Maze. Thanks my loves. 😘 #lucifer @luciferonfox #sinnerman
We love you Dr Ed. Thank you for caring about babies and their mothers the way you do. #oneofthegoodguys
With kindness 😘
“I’d just like to point out, I do not know this woman!” 🤣 #queenremy @moni_la @aimeeinla
I love her so. Queen Remy!! @moni_la @aimeeinla
“Goodness, Courage and Honor, not color, Are the virtues that define his worth”. This is honestly the sweetest and most thoughtful gift we’ve received for our little King. A complete stranger who took the time to write this for him. ...
And one of my favorite South African made purchases. The @bumbo_brand_page seat!
Someone is living his new @oeufnyc football. ⚽️ (yes I said football Americans🤯😝)
@chrispaynegilbert @laurengerman care to explain?
Congrats to this hideously unattractive, untalented, unsuccessful friend of mine @lenwiseman and the team at sketch @kaleyromo 👏🏽😘 #awisemove #wisemanstrikesagain
Nice one Australia! #onelove 👭👬👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👦❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
You definitely can’t sit with us. @paolomascitti kicking my ass in preparation for my first fight post baby on Friday. 👊🏽💪🏽@luciferonfox
Thanks for the shades Uncle Len. @lenwiseman #awisemanstaple

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