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Mantle faffing goals! 💕🎄🌿
Forgot to post this yesterday as I had a hectic day helping to set up my local #etsy Makers fair, dropping of birthday prezzies and having a very fun mini Christmas party with @annypatches (we ate too much! 😬🎄)
Have ...
The thicker the better, right?! 💕
I’ve been going out of my way to practice acts of kindness the last few days - it’s my mantra for December & I’m loving it. 🎄💕
I got the idea from an Action ...
I think advent is going to look like this ✨
If I make one a day then I’ll have enough for a smoochy decoration to hang in the hallway in time for xmas day 😘🎄❄️
Ooooh two skeins of this beast just arrived 💕
If I get my to-do list sorted asap I can have a little play! I’m thinking plaited wreath on a copper frame 💕
Up early with a (pre-written!) to-do list & a brim full of good intentions to #getshitdone
Then Mum rings & says do I fancy meeting for coffee at THE Mecca for xmas decs?! ✨
Ummm, hell yeah i do! ...
Brrrrrrrr, freezin’ here! Just lit the fire for a cosy night in with some stitching & going to treat myself to the amazing #swoncho pattern by Caitlin @boylandknitworks 🔥

I’ve not done colourwork before so this is a little out ...
I’m in the Thanksgiving vibe right now so have just put my vintage fabric Christmas kits & all Fat Quarters on a special weekend sale over at @getsmitten 💕
Kits are half price & alllll FQs are £2 until midnight ...
To me, love from me - get better soon! 💕
Well actually, this is a little something I made for Mum’s 70th a while back but I fancied a floral pick-me-up! 🌸🌿
Nettle tea, naps & slowing right down to rest & restore. ☕️
Today I’ve wanted to crawl out of my own skin.
Just as I thought I was kicking the cough, my glands flared up & my ears are so ...
This quote actually made me cry; 30yrs of chronic pain & a compromised quality of life (dismissed by the medical system as ‘unfortunate’ or ‘just women’s troubles’) has had me hating on my body for so long. I have a ...
Friday night be like...
That scrummy tummy tho! 😍
Self care 💕
Waiting for the meds to kick in & easing the endo pain with a hot water bottle. Booked today off work too as I have the most dry tickly cough & sore throat - feel like I’ve ...
Ooops-a-daisy, a little bit of xmas just popped out!! 🎄
Actually it’s all heading up into the loft until December, I just got a little carried away with the tree theme already this year! Loving the little light up domes ...
Word 🖤
Can’t help it; I’ve always been drawn to black as my wardrobe staple. I bring in colour with accessories but no matter the season, it’s always black ftw for me 🖤
Teehee; giving the flowers a massive drink (hydrangeas are thirsty monkeys) has really befuddled miss Betty. She’s been prowling the perimeter of the bath wondering what it’s all about! 🌸🛁🙀
A reflective day; not felt much like ‘people-ing’ so am surrounded by blankets, sipping nettle tea (new fave) in front of the fire, watching Alias Grace & channelling my inner Krystal Carrington in this ruffle front jumper 💕
Pool party at mine! 🛁🌿🌱💦
Fridays should always be sparkly! ✨
Mum & I went xmas dec shopping today & there is so much sparkle in ALL the shops. I’ve also been working on some Unicorn inspired ends to add to my growing range of ...
Quick little project for in front of the fire, tonight x
There has simply not been enough Dahlia in my life this autumn; wish I could grow them but they don’t seem to like my garden. I’ll try again next year though, as I drive by some absolute beauts on my ...
Gather the neighbours, build a bonfire, write rude words with sparklers, ooooh and aahhhhh over the mega box of fireworks and have an inner glow from the locally produced damson vodka. ✨🔥🍷
Then back to ‘ours’ for homemade stew, stories ...
Homemade chicken tarragon in the oven, fire lit, movie lined up on Netflix & a flippin delicious g&t in hand. 🥂
Let the weekend be-GIN! 🥂
I can happily report that the Lidl rhubarb & ginger gin is really lovely. ...
Yasssss! The early bird catches the gin....
Was out & about early this morning running errands, so swung into Lidl to nab myself a cheeky bottle of their new rhubarb & ginger gin. At only £11.99 you can’t go wrong ...
When you have ALL of the beautiful @staplefordpark to yourselves for your anniversary dinner! 🥂
Delicious food, fabulous surroundings & exceptional service; they even made a cosy dining corner up for us in the lounge & lit us a fire ...
Car to bar, baby!
Black satin skyscrapers with Swarovski details by the wonderful @benjaminadamsln ✨
Perfect for our anniversary meal last night
We had our first date on Halloween 🎃 there was definitely some magic in the air! 🖤 Off out for dinner later 🥂
Ooooh that’s better on the eye! 🌈
When you organise each shelf by colour range. Been dying to do that for ages! X
When Tatler pairs your rose gold knitting needles with £77k of Fabergé bling! ✨
It’s been a while since I graced the pages of the high end glossies with my own styling, so it was big cheesy grins when I ...
Felt like a little flower pick me up, so have borrowed this beaut from @stilllifeflowers as I love the dusky colour combo & all the varying textures 💕🌸🖤🌿
Endo has been causing me much pain the last few weeks (better ...

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