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Hey, @randallshreve I think I found you a new drummer if the need ever arises ;) Thanks for letting #captaincutiemac use these while they’re at @meteorguitar even though I’m sure the thought of a crazy 8 year old pounding on ...
It’s not everyday I get to tell a grown man to turn his head and cough, but when I do, it’s always loud and on air for our listener to witness!
This week we had a real live, non ghosting, ...
Oh my gato, she’s so purrrrrecious. Whatever don’t judge me. #grizthemurdedcat
Glögg och pepparkaksfika!
Bread bread bread!!!! @arato_girl
This weekend was priceless. The best. Tops! So, Less Than Jake is one of my favorite bands from my youth as well as Descendents, right? Right. Well the kiddos have grown to love LTJ as well so when I saw ...
I’ve been asked three times in the last two days how I always “seem” so positive and happy: here’s my nugget of wisdom or BS if you prefer to spin it that way. Either way, seek out some positivity today, ...
My baddy little pirate! 🧜🏽‍♀️🦑⚓️🖤☸️
Scott, Ramona, and Kim.#captaincutiemac @mjramone_02 @joshpossible
I dare you to say you had a better start to the day than I did ;) Working with these tiny humans with HUGE brains and such imaginations, is my favorite. They’re working on something big here! Wanna be a ...
Our dance costumes for tonight. Not too different than any other day.
How else will you know I love you, if I’m not squeezing you to death?! I just wanna love a and be loved! Please stop fighting it. @grizthemurdercat

Edit: This will now be my new dating profile bio 😂😂👌🏽 they ...
Josh made me do it.
Yummy goodies from my dear @iyer.sanghavi I can’t eat them, they’re so pretty!!
For those who many have missed my insta story, I GOT A PAC-MAN DRESS!!! 🥐👻
Look what amazing things Im lucky to be part of again!! @artfeedsnwa 💕💕
Everybody in my house is doing the cha cha! @arato_girl
I said “let’s get you tucked in for bed” and he said, “but first we have to take a picture together because you look so pretty” 😍 ploy to get to stay up a few more minutes or not, how ...
Embracing the darker hair while I have it! 🖤❤️
They had fun before, they had fun during, they had fun after! I had to miss the getting ready part because I had work, but thank heavens I have great friends like @carol_caster to help save the day and curl ...
We have the fun 🖤 @knwiley @shaylakakes @arato_girl
His choice, not mine. 📦 😴 💤
I had the urge...the urge has been un....urged. Homemade Chicken-pot-pie-love you! 😂🖤
It’s about time!
I'm kinda scared to pick up #captaincutiemac from school today because he very seriously doesn't like me wearing this skirt and ESPECIALLY not the shirt because it shows the slightest bit of tummy. He's a protector, and I find it ...
Play football, sleep, wake up, play football.

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