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Good luck out there in the snow ❤️❄️ To old friends, I’ll give Cape Town and a hug and a kiss from you @hildakinz 😊🌹To new friends, come give Cape Town a kiss and a hug 🍸
Remember to love ❤️
“We love to create” ⭐️
Sargent Peppers Lonely Heart Club - Club Beatles 🇬🇧❤️
❤️Lonely Hearts Club Band 🌹🌻🌞🌙
Mum and me ❤️and our short /shopping successful /bank account depleting trips to London 🇬🇧 🌹 just can’t help it #blackfriday tomorrow 🌻
💄 little red lipstick for dinner ❤️ and sharing flowers on Monday’s 🌹🌻
Combination of moms cupboard and charity shops in the case of being unprepared Haha 🌹thought the English rose was a nice touch 😜got to love the cold outdoors. #england ❤️
Need the closest charity shop for some cheap warm attire!!!SOCKS and boots and socks and a scarf/granny jumper and socks!!!Haha 😂😂 Birkies - you've been great, but it's time I need some socks ✌️ ❤️#birkenstocks
Last lunch @pelotonsupershop - best vegan vibe around. Perfect end... 🔙to London ❤️🌻
"Pop Art" Hahaha😂 bit of a afternoon movie montage at @oneloveltd had such a laugh hahaha 🎸
Selamat tinggal @desaseni 🌻 new path, new adventure. 🌞 suksma 🐌🍌
It's so easy to smile here ❤️ somewhere over the 🌈HUMP day 🌙
When I close my eyes - I want to be able to remember this space. @desaseni so so beautiful ❤️🌞thank you x
New 🌙 and the end of a day for me 🌺
Avatar tree!! 🍃❤️
Let's go dancing ❤️
Today's Mood 🌼 taking a (🌞)day 🌈 #bali
Celebrating fresh water today 💧❤️ what a gift it is to have it. ! Resolution: Trying to use only whats needed and preserve whats not. Trying not to buy it in a plastic bottle or drink it through a plastic ...
Bali Bowls ❤️ #veganfood #bali @balibowlsandsmoothies awesome lunch 🥒
@gavmann27 love this face, love the spirit behind it 🌸🔥🦋🙂
Picture taken on the farm @ongavalodge #namibia ❤️ I miss you ❤️
😃Just had to share one of the best bathrooms this month to date - open air, warm water and breeze to dry off 😋🌞perfect.
Still trying 🌞 hahaha 😂 i love bali ❤️
Budget accommodation with showers like this..? chilled. 🐊🐢🐍🦎
Chasing #waterfalls has led me to the beach ❤️🌞 #canggubali time for some 🌊🌊

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