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All my persistent goal of just being truly , unapologetically me sometimes gets hindered until I remind myself that I am just about as human as anybody else ! #goodconversations
And this is how my New Year started ! #littlethingsinlife
This Christmas with my other family !
When your blessed in form of a very thoughtful client! To a good year ! #teamlakme @pranalirsurve @aakankshakumar @pvineet007
One last time ! To family ! 🥂 #grateful
My lovely niece 😘 ! #familydairies
The supposed “Best Man” ! He is definitely the best kinda man to me .So proud !#mygoodlookingbrother
In this age of narcissism you can’t help it !
To be caught in the middle is not so bad after all . My blessing in its big and small avatar ! To the thousand times they made me cry but more to the million times they made me laugh !
The first “actual” dog who won my heart in an instant ! People of the world say hello to Saki
The tastiest food in the world is available only in your own house ! Belting some pork fry and prawn ghee roast with piping hot rasam ! Coz when you come home to Mom she tries her best to ensure ...
Alternative lesson on impermanence is when your aversion towards sushi turns to obsession #changeistheonlyconstant
Finally having found a whiskey mix that I can stomach to meeting someone who is from Andaman for the first time ,this sure has been an exploratory weekend ! But most importantly free desert is what needs a mention
End of the day you reflect , and be glad at the reflection you see !
An initiative against common cold .....and other hazardous infections !
Sundays are for rooftops !
Answer me !
I just refuse to grow up , don’t I ?
The fabulous life at purple kingdom #mindshareturns20
Collecting unlimited wishes by pretending that every cracker that lights up the sky is a shooting star ! #whatsyourstory?
Some early morning love ❤️! Waking up to this baby nibbling my face is kinda filling me with joy ! #catlove #oneofjeru's15persians
Hence I don't !
Why does the world around us end up taking part in our private shenanigans each time we get together??? #dancetoourtunes #wemakefunhappen #yourwelcomeworld
Bidding adieu to my in-house partner @harshpanchal1992 #allgoodthingscomeinsmallsizes
I am with them on this !
If you need me I'll be in my teepee ⛺️!
I take fun seriously ! Do you ?

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