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Yea that's @arrowbenjamin , @rojamesxix with the lyrics & and a whole problem . #fulldeck
In it with @rojamesxix #fulldeck
#behindthescenes Look
Style by @ninortamalke
Photographer @cmcdade
Videographer @agrindling
#grammyweek was fun .
Suit & Team :

When it was happening @harmonysamuels was there . Me & @dmile85 was at that Factory @b.o.emusicgroup got over there. Bless Up .
@josecardoza was there too 📸
Pictures of the days passed . Love and Progress all between . @itsgregharper Always Coming thru for me ! & when he adds , He Comes Thru! Thank you Man & to @seizeanddesist for providing the pieces !! Always Solid ...
Atlanta I couldn't leave all of you in distress. I'm staying a little longer. I know all the evacuees are nervous and a little irritated out in this Atlanta traffic, but while we wait to see what happens with our ...
I gave my younger sister away today ; it was new . #congratulationsahyletria
Deeply Honored , Perspective Shifted ,
Heart Full. Today was a good Day. #releases&Trusts
..they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well here's 6 racks of em! Overflowing emotion & love for my brother @thatdudedeon . Beyond the Struggle I See who You are in it ; and you inspire me. In ...
Creamed Out with the @boohoousa short fit. #rosiesnrachis On clouds with angels. @Seannitta & Greg , #twoeggs #daytodayswigs
Laced Me. @boohoomanofficial @boohoousa @boohoo #spideysox @dewserworldpeace @nike #goldhirachis , Military Sleeveless @tribekelley & Joy. #greg & @seannita always On point !
#sharpiepenamen @sharpie ..Too My Own; which when the world gets better .. is everyone.
#malimusic #lighton #etches #texts #written #notforlikes #simplyforthought Respond With Action, not texts . Live Again .
A fit body with an oppressed mind kneels first when ...
Feels good to be back NYC! Who's coming out tonight? #thetransitionofmali #malimusic #bbkingnyc
NEW YORK CITY!!! Catch me LIVE @bbkingbluesnyc on Saturday July 15. Get your tickets now 'cause it's goin' down!
Father's Day in the Chi with You & @barrybrewerjr ! We goin off , be there ..
#superteam #partnership #chicagolove #comedy&Kingdom #truth #daysaway
Memphis!! Fall Thru tonight at 9 pm @ New Friendship So we can Sing some songs !!
1490 Gold Ave. Memphis, TN #come
Join me tonight on @REVOLTTV’s #revoltjustice at 7pm with @soledadobrien, @usher, and @troubleman31 to talk about #socialjustice and #civilrights.
The #transitionofmali is Out Now
Here's the Track List for the Album guys . #transitionofmali Coming June 2nd
"Oh, I got a song to sing
And it's a song about hope for you
It's a song about faith
I see all that you are going through
And it's gonna to be alright." Check out the official visual for ...
It's ON tho! BET Facebook page 5:30pm
Album Release Date: 6/2 #transitionofmali
Yep.. at square1 wit @bjthechicagokid -- A Fresh alliance is formed. #eyesup #manifestationofthesons #weallinhere #somethinworthposting
BTS from the 'Gonna Be Alright' Video Shoot . #sureprogress @iamjalexander is a Beast and put this together for me! #bengriffindirector #bystorm #processingthrutransition
Holding music in my hands again. Thanks @josejamesmusic for an amazing project and for doing it RIGHT! Congrats bro #realmusicup #artisttobelievein @daythree_tario #wax #inspiring

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