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You asked and we listened. Limited quantities for our Black Friday Sale at 30% Off. Don’t wait! Link in bio.
Compact, lightweight and micro-USB chargeable, #mypowerdot is the perfect travel companion for all your holiday travel!
With 10 programs on all models, #mypowerdot will help you attack and conquer every workout. Use the Potentiation program to warmup thoroughly and prevent injury.
Shout out to our friend @jockeyjoseortiz who was able to keep his muscles stimulated; while relaxing and studying the form prior to @breederscup with #mypowerdot - Let us know who else in Jock room is jealous, and we’re happy to ...
@mike_pantz Killin’ the quads with #powerdot’s Massage program! Hope you’re loving that #nextlevel recovery!
Pro Triathlete and surfer @clintkimmins uses the Extended Recovery program on PowerDot to flush lactic acid and promote healing in his muscle tissue after his training sessions so he’s ready for the next one.
Someone in your life wants a PowerDot for the holidays. *************************************
Red Unos are back and holiday season is here. With limited stock available, now is the time to buy!
Fun-fact Friday:

Olympic swimmer @sarahwbro uses @mypowerdot to recover from hours in the pool and gym.
Lats, low back, and shoulders are where she uses PowerDot the most.
Massage and Extended Recovery are her go-to programs.
Tuesday tips: Did you know that the wellness program for the upper arm on the #mypowerdot can help relieve discomfort for everything from overuse in your exercise program or poor posture in the office!
Sunday funday! Let #mypowerdot help you be ready for whatever your weekends bring!
With 4 recovery programs conveniently housed in an app on your smartphone, PowerDot goes everywhere with you to help you be ready for anything!
As we observe Veteran’s Day today, let us honor all who have served this great nation. Thank you, Veterans.
Training is important, but recovery and mobility is a big part of success in the gym. If you’re injured, you can’t train!
If stretching is difficult for you, use #mypowerdot on the massage setting pre-stretch to help loosen your tight ...
Monday motivation: Many athletes have trouble activating their mid-traps and rhomboids during pulling movements. Using PowerDot in conjunction with resistance bands or @crossoversymmetry can help train your brain to activate these muscles!
We don’t usually think about forearm soreness being a showstopper. But for moto, CrossFit, Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting, sore forearms can make or break you. #mypowerdot can bring some relief to those sore forearms with its massage program.
The #mypowerdot Resistance program helps you maximize every workout. CrossFitters, bootcampers, Spartan racers, Orange Theory peeps - this program is perfect for you.
Wishing a everyone a safe and happy Halloween and a successful trick-or-treating adventure tonight! 🎃 👻
Hello, Monday.
Busy week ahead? Luckily #mypowerdot is lightweight, wireless and compact so you can recover anywhere.
Our calves take a beating every day, whether you’re an athlete or a professional who wears heel every day. #mypowerdot can help ease discomfort in your calves!
Got traps? *********************************
Many people have a hard time activating their mid-traps in pulling movements. Using #mypowerdot can help activate your traps and strengthen your mid-back!
With 10 programs on both the Uno and the Duo, there’s a lot to love about #mypowerdot. What’s your favorite program?
And the winners are.... @sublymonalzach @elisak47 and @zachwalsh8

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Good ...
Got low back pain? Try using the #mypowerdot on the Massage setting on your low back before your exercise routine or stretching session for more relief!
Who DOESN’T have low back pain? From long commutes to carrying kids to cramped flights to heavy deadlifts to long runs, #mypowerdot can help you manage your low back pain drug-free!
Jumping into the weekend like... ************************************************* The Strength and Explosive Strength Programs on the #mypowerdot app activate Type 2b muscle fibers - helping you jump higher, run faster, and be more explosive.
The Everyday programs on the PowerDot app are programs you can use...well, everyday!

Whether it's the Massage program to help relax tight muscles, Extended Recovery to ease muscle soreness, or Light Recovery to help manage pain, the Everyday programs are ...
The PowerDot team is proud to announce our partnership with Jason Leydon and The CrossFit Milford team.
Jason is a highly respected and extremely successful coach due in part to his deep and broad knowledge base and his ability to ...
#pmc8 athlete @v_real_mccoy uses #mypowerdot to activate her traps and rhomboids before she lifts so she keeps her chest up and her shoulders active and tight.
Not just for recovery, PowerDot is a powerful tool to activate muscle groups and ...
Never used stim before? Afraid you'll mess it up? Not to worry!

As the world's only Smart Muscle Stimulation, the #mypowerdot app will tell you when to use it, how often to use it, and what program to use.
#mypowerdot isn't just for elite athletes. The benefits of E-stim for general wellness include relaxation, injury prevention, relief from soreness, and massage.

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