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👋🏼 Hello❗️who do you say hello to first each day❓ for me, it’s my lil pup Dexter & Lenisee, then it’s you guys! Hello ❗️👋🏼what about you❓
Tell me your favorite song ...I will play it on my guitar for you! 🎼🎸 ...posting more from this set on my other acct @natashayionline
How did you spend your day today❓What does your normal day consist of ❓
Kissing...everybody loves to kiss! 💋 But I’m wondering, when you’re in a relationship, how often do you French kiss❓👅 And what makes a French kiss awful❓btw I’m going to post more from this #kiss set on my other account @natashayionline ...
Remember this one 💁🏻‍♀️
I’ve been framed!!! 🖼Hahahahahaha oh never mind, nobody appreciates my #humor! 😂🤷🏻‍♀️🙈
Let’s talk about doggies. 🐶I know she looks just like a rabbit 🐰, but she’s actually a lil American Eskimo. 🐩lol 😜 Do you treat or consider your dog to be like your child❓🤱🏻Do some of you think it’s ridiculous ...
Working on a fun project to be released in 2018. Got to talk with #edsheeran this weekend. I’ll let you watch the awesome conversation soon! Tell me YOUR favorite Ed Sheeran song! 🎵
I’m hungry! lol 😝What did you have for breakfast this morning❓ 🍳🥐🍞🥚🥓🧀
Finally got my hair done! 💇🏼‍♀️Thanks so much @candicealice You are amazing!! 💙
Black Friday has come to an end and look who came up empty-handed. What about you❓Did you find any good deals❓On what❓Did you see any madness go down❓Or do shop on #blackfriday
I read a report that #levis 👖 said it’s totally unnecessary to wash your jeans...ever! Health experts say you should wash every 4-6 wears. Another national poll indicates the majority of people think you should only wash them if they ...
Let’s talk shoes. 👠👟👞What’s your fav pair(s)❓Why❓Are you brand loyal❓These shoes I have on are my #giuseppezanotti I like them bc they’re sporty & stylish. I’m not really brand loyal. I like what I like 😄 You❓
I need your help my lovelies. Although I’ve been busy and therefore lacking on postings new photos, I’ve decided to dedicate a small portion of time each week to creating new photos. What do you like❓Casual, every day photos❓Creative, unique, ...
I’m thinking about getting a new ride... not a 🚲 this time but I got my eye on a couple 🚗🏎.. I wanna know what kind of ride you have, do you love it, and what is your dream car❓
I want to know what languages you can speak and/or understand. Take any foreign language classes in school❓ If so, which one(s) and do you remember any of it❓

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Natasha. Comment allez-vous? 🇫🇷 That’s pretty much all ...
I’ve been told I look like this #bratz doll. 💁🏻 Who have you been told you look like❓ Do you think you do❓
Tell me the last 3 things you bought for yourself 🛍
In the shop❗️After spending a couple of months writing & creating, I’m now “building” this new project that I hope you will enjoy❗️I’m not going to promise a release date but I’m in here working hard to try and launch ...
Sometimes I just need a hug 🤗 ..gonna post more photos from this set on my ‘sexier’ account @natashayionline
It’s time for a caption contest!!! The funniest or most clever or interesting caption/story wins a shirt or autographed poster!
Trying on costumes. 💀 What do ya think ❓LoL 😜 Btw... what’s the best costume you have ever had or seen❓ I was a pair of dice w my bff one year 🎲🎲 ..😂 I’ll explain later lol
I’m bra shopping again and I gotta tell you that this #pushupbra IS a miracle! I swear the ‘twins’ here are not this 👀. This bra literally makes me look 2 sizes bigger. Guys.. do you feel like it’s false ...
What time do you normally go to bed ❓😴
Hey it’s your girl again 🙋🏻 ...outside here wondering 💁🏻... what your preference is when it comes to #weddings 👰🏻🤵🏻Tell me about your wedding...or what type of wedding you’d want to have ...are you refusing to get married❓If so, why❓ ...
So many people getting off on ‘little’ Panoche... what’s wrong with big Panoche❓I feel like there would be more room for traffic! 😝😂
Shopping is exhausting❗️ I’m supposed to be out here helping a friend. She probably regrets taking me. There are 2 categories of people: those that like to shop and those that hate it. Which are you❓And why❓
So I’m just sitting here...pondering something....I’d like your thoughts. Are we going to start coming together as a nation❓ Or do you think we’ll just become more and more divided❓It’s starting to feel like more than division..I sense all-out hatred. ...
Please be honest with me. I’m not here to pass any judgement. I’m just really curious to know the truth.
When you are (or were) looking for someone to date, what were you hoping to find? Someone very attractive that ...
‪It sucks having “frienemies”. Do u have them❓ ...people that act like they love u but secretly hate u or are jealous❓ ...Some even try 2 sabotage u?❓

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