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The Government and People must keep eachother in check.
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Tax avoidance should be illegal. It is wrong that others should scrape by while you exempt yourself. If they payed their taxes then the percentage of tax would decrease.
The welfare of the people matters a lot. For instance, 1 in 200 people are homeless in the UK. And 1 in 3 Elderly People go at least a week without any contact.
Fight for the things that make us human
We must be sensible in who we support. Though we may have bitter hatred, we must settle that aside to think about the true aim
Life is more precious than the goal itself
Only then are we able to better society and not be blinded
Caring for one anorher while gaining
Other than Western Europe, US and a few others. Has the world really benefitted from Captialism?
Death through glory
Death for the idea
Death for the revolution
The rich are becoming richer and the poor are not clombing. Nations are heading further towards light socialism
When one domino falls, governments will fall with it
Many countries strive to give freedom, yet enslave others not within their own borders
The determination for change is what drives the force of revolution
The people must rule their country
Secrecy is the badge of fraud
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Ignorance can be the stopping force against any attempt at progress. Be more open.
It's not impossible. It can be done for the benefit of the masses
It would be a colossal step forward but with immense reprocessions
Over 1 million deaths yet there is no mass enforcement by the UN over disarmament and world peace. Its great having a school for girls... until that school is bombed by US anti-islam missile
The greatest threat to mankind is the one which is most ignored.
Arm yourselves against the evil in the world ~L
Purge the greed
Camaraderie is the essence of union ~L
Care for the environment and the world we are privileged to live on
It's such a shame they do this. It needs to stop and we need to move forwards
Ideas are immortal -L
Society is against a world which needs help, not hatred
Join me in the fight ~L

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