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We sent out lots of fun custom designs this week! Here is a small sampling with some of our favorites! #projectorgram #weeklyrecap
Here is a good example of how we can turn a company’s logo into a holiday-themed animated gobo for their corporate party! #projectorgram
Will a DJ or lighting company in Montana, Idaho, and Vermont please buy something from us so we can say we’ve had orders from all 50 states? 🤩🏆 Check out this new map on our website showing where we’ve shipped ...
No monogram projections in these photos, but like many of our customers on Saturday night, we’re working a wedding! Whether you’re doing a monogram or not, we hope all of our customers have great weddings tonight! #projectorgram
One of our monogram designs on display last night at a wedding @spin_doctor_entertainment provided DJ & lighting for. Great shot Dave, thanks for sharing! #projectorgram
🌟Weekly Recap🌟...we can tell it is holiday/corporate party season with the amount of logos we have sent out this week! Lots of fun custom and animated designs were sent out as well! #projectorgram
One of our customers sent us a couple of images that we used to create this design. Swipe left to see the images he sent us, as well as a video of the final product at his event! #projectorgram
We love to create custom designs for you! Static, animated, black & white or color, we can do just about anything your clients can dream up! ⬆️ here is a custom design we recently created 🌟#projectorgram
Our littlest assistant just helped us box up the last of our Black Friday/Cyber Monday mount orders! 16 HD mounts and 13 Lite mounts are on their way to our awesome customers! #projectorgram
💥Don't miss out! This is the one time each year that we offer these prices! 💥#projectorgram
🌟Weekly recap🌟 Here are just a few of the designs we sent out last week, including some really cool animated ones! #projectorgram
🌟Our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is now LIVE!!!🌟 ~ Link in bio for details ~ #projectorgram #blackfriday #cybermonday
Congrats to Michael Gardner for winning the first week of our contest! We’re giving away another media player next week. If you’d like to enter please post a review on our Facebook page by next Wednesday. Everyone who has posted ...
A DJ had a client who wanted a variation on our K01 animated design. The final version turned out really classy and elegant! #projectorgram #animatedmonogram #gobo #digitalgobo #weddingmonogramlighting
We have several designs perfect for your holiday events, including snowflake atmospheres with 🌟instant download🌟 {link in bio} #projectorgram
🌟Some of the designs we've sent out this past week 🌟 #projectorgram
⬆️ this right here should end all questions about whether the monogram should go on the dance door or on a wall! #projectorgram
Email us a photo of our design at your event, and we will send you a coupon code for 20% off your next design order! {[email protected]} Full details are on our website-- link in bio! ...
Holiday parties are coming up 🎄❄️ Make sure to impress your clients with a projection of their company's logo! #projectorgram
Wonder how a projector looks in a bright room or on a white wall? This image will answer both questions! #projectorgram #customgobo
The image on the left was posted in the Projection Pros Facebook group to see if anyone could recreate the design. We turned it over to our lead designer and he was able to create the projection ready version on ...
Like one of our static designs but want an animated version? No problem! We did just that for this design! #projectorgram
Top - design submitted on our website for a custom order. Bottom - projection ready version including the requested colors. #projectorgram
Simple, elegant, and ✨crystal clear✨! Flawless results like this are as simple as having a high quality projector and a Projectorgram design 💥 #projectorgram
One of the great benefits of using video projectors is the ability to place them anywhere you need to, so that guests' views of the room aren't obstructed! #projectorgram
Great photo of one of our most popular animated designs! 📷: one of our awesome customers out in Cali 🌞 #projectorgram
Jeremy doing a great job discussing digital gobos at #weddingmba. Here he’s showing a video of K06 in action at a wedding. #weddingmba17 #wmba17 #projectorgram #digitalgobo #animatedmonogram #digitalanimatedmonogram
Jeremy is one of our designers and he’s speaking today at 3pm at #weddingmba. One of the topics he’ll be covering is digital gobos. Be sure to attend his seminar to hear what he has to say (plus he’ll be ...

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