Raine Leonhart | @raine.leonhart.ffxiv

This is a must watch.
Also treated myself to the furnishing. Last big purchase for the next few weeks.
โ€œItโ€™s behind me, isnโ€™t it?โ€ #neoexdeath #ff14 #ffxiv #o4s #omega
We made it!!! But our WHM got kicked due to inactivity so now have to kick Exdeath again.
Gimme Shirogane already ;_;
Despite a rough week, finally got to room 7 on my map in Uznair. So fun and got really lucky with loot.
My Maidy cosplay from #ff14 #dadoflight. Such a good show
I'm done. Finally. With levelling these things. Fisher was the worst one.
Helped out earlier with a Laks ex clear and the pupper dropped. Let's just say Lady Luck was on my side this time;
After 6 weeks of blood, sweat and cat tears, O3S is down. Minus 3 raid static but it's dead.
Another class I can suck at ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
My cute Au'Ra alt on Shiva :D

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