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I call this Progression of a peacock leaving another animal's enclosure.
Really enjoyed Bearizona. And I guess I'm glad Shawn made us go on their bus instead of driving through in our own car (he didn't want to risk it getting ruined. 🙄) cuz the bus driver was an awesome tour ...
More Flagstaff pics. Bearizona was really cool. Lots of wolves and bears. 🐻
Happy Anniversary @vettelvr84. I don't know if it's a symptom of Stockholm Syndrome but your cheesy jokes are funnier than ever. Thanks for taking this picture with me even though you were freaking out. And thank for an amazing year. ...
Shawn and I are taking off on a road trip on Saturday. We'll be gone for 6 nights. I'm going to miss #ronirobison so much. 😭 if she didn't hate being in the car so much I'd bring her along.
Audrey Hepburn and a Jedi walk into a bar...#happyhalloween
Apparently Shawn has a bunch of great photos on his phone that I forgot all about. This was from our Ensenada cruise earlier this year. Not sure what I was doing here, probably attempting to direct the picture taker. 😅
#ronirobison turned 6 months on Monday!
I'm thinking/hoping she won't grow much bigger than she is now. She's not even able to jump onto the couch. It's annoying to have to help her up but at least she won't be ...
It's been a while since my last #ronirobison update. She'll be 6 months old on Monday! 😱
She hasn't gone to the bathroom inside the house for like two weeks which is awesome. Though we've given up not letting her ...
Just announcing that my account was hacked. I will delete my last post shortly. 🙄
Best. Sister. And. Future. Brother. In. Law. Ever.
💔 pretty colors, horrible cause. Just glad it wasn't worse. #canyonfire
Mondays. Amirite?
This was taken a year ago. @l_cab and @mightyhealthymax were building Momo a dog house on the premise she'd spend all day in the backyard. 😂 oh how naive we were.
No new Roni pics. 🤷🏽‍♀️ she's moving too fast these days. She turns 5mo on Saturday though.
Also I attempted to DIY body wash last night and it was a total fail. #itried
Also also I went on a honeymoon ...
I took these photos before Instagram had the multiple post feature. #waylatergram
I'm on the eco train y'all. Or at least trying to be. I'll post on my stories on how I use these reusable organic cloth pads to replace the disposable makeup wipes I used every night. I've saved money and ...
Do you ever have those moments when you really question what you're doing (career-wise) and then you get through a tough day/week/month at work and feel so grateful to be past it that you start feeling the exact opposite of ...
Thus is what community looks like. Thanks @mightyhealthymax and @l_cab for letting me tag along. #savedacatrumpiscaca
Remember that time I went to#idywild? Yeah I don't either. Just emptying my camera roll.
I need to take better pictures of #ronirobison. 😂 that side-eye one though is classic Roni.
She's been a pain lately and seems to have regressed a little with her house training but I'm adapting. And she's still learning. We ...
From yesterday's date night. Dave & Buster's and a movie. And Barnes & Noble. This guy's been working so hard. It was much deserved. 😍
Venue scouting. #lauraxweds
#momoandroni #latergram
This was over a month ago. She's bigger now. 😩 #ronirobison
A little anxious (mostly wary) of the coming heat wave. I mean its not like I spend much time outdoors anyway...but still. Walking to the car in 100 degrees makes me feel 😓. #frommydirtybathroomwindow
At least that's the worst weather ...
Pretty much required at this point. 🤷🏽‍♀️ #nationaldogday #momoandroni
#ronirobison is four months as of yesterday! 🎉
Some of these photos are from a month ago. So she's a bit bigger. 8 pounds! We're thinking she's more of a dachshund than Momo because she seems to be growing longer ...
I didn't take too many pictures of our vacations. Oh well I'll make it up for next time. Currently planning our next trip. 💃🏽
Running out of storage on my phone so I better get posting.
We went to Palm Springs last weekend and it was hella hot. But we spent 90% of our time in the pool at the house we rented so ...

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