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The SECONDS and CLEARANCE SALE IS ON!🔥🔥🔥 Now through Feb 13th check out huge discounts in the Etsy Shop! Link in bio!
Saturday 1/20 at Noon MST (2pm EST) starts the 🎉SECONDS SALE!! I’m selling seconds and clearing out older styles from the shop. Starting Saturday and going through February 13th, look for SECOND and CLEARANCE items (like the mug pictured) in ...
One of the mugs that’ll be part of the seconds sale starting Saturday. She’s got a little lean and is a bit warped in the rim, but the tenmoku glaze did her well. #leaner #gangstalean #warped
Lotsa work needed to clean this guy up. I love toying with the interior space on a mug. It effects the shape of the waterline as one drinks the liquid within and drains the mug. Just a little added aesthetic ...
Just warming up in studio, starting slow this semester. Here’s a few of the first experiments. #mugsofinstagram #futurecoffeemugs #freshwork
FINALLY back to making again. It feels so nice. Experimenting with some textured slabs. #textureporn #cracked #sodiumsilicate
It’ll be a first, me selling seconds. Ha! #dadjoke ! Seconds sale and clearance sale later this month. Stay tuned! #secondsale #handmadesale
The Etsy Shop has been updated with a few new pieces, including this lidded jar / crock / vase. I’m loving the luscious red, pink, and purple highlights in this glaze! #pinkthings #purplestuff #redhot
This spring one of my goals is to assemble a pallett of fun glazes. These tests are a start. Studio glazes over titanium yellow, iron red, and cobalt oxide blue slips. #testingtesting #colorfulworld #testtiles #rainbowcolors #studiolifestyle
Found this guy upon my return to studio today (FINALLY!) Re-firing it in the wood kiln will dress up that texture better with more beautiful wood ash deposits. Interior glaze made from all local material. #woodfire #kilningit #soupmug
Happy New Year Everyone.
This semester I’m going to concentrate on new designs, experiments, and forms. The Etsy shop is open, with updates to happen in a week or so.
Here’s one more variation on a theme I started last ...
Last post of 2017, looking forward to new designs like this faceted soup / sauce bowl. Thanks everyone for a fun fantastic year! Happy holidays to those who celebrate, belated solstice wishes, and warm greetings from a currently cold locale.
This lidded jar continues my experiment with a new design that I’m liking. Lots of possibilities with scale and surface. 20 inches tall, #woodfired to #cone10.
#highfire #jar
New experiment. #woodfired in a small test #woodkiln with @woodfirelust earlier this month. Interior glazed with local materials. Flaws are apparent in the flashing slip around the handle, but he’s still cute.
#woodfiredceramics #woodfiredpottery #localmaterials
My favorite soup bowl yet, from a wood firing a couple weeks ago.
#foodbowl #placesetting #soupbowl
One straggler that found a home with an Alumnus before it made its way into the shop. Gotta work on this handle, larger fingers wouldn’t quite fit. #handled #glossyblack #blackcauldron
The last two pieces of the year just took flight, including the first pitcher I’ve ever sold (swipe to see) headed to my talented and awesome friend Sarah Haze of @rounddesigns . Give her shop a look!

Many many Thanks ...
Well, 8 more hours of holiday sale left in the shop! These guys need good homes! The last four cast iron cauldron mugs (3 large, 1 espresso size) are listed! Last-minute shoppers, it’s your time to shine!
#lastminuteshopping #nevertoolate #shopsmallbusiness
The last batch, as it was last week. Tiny #throwbackmonday if that’s a thing. Only 8 remain, all in the shop, still on sale today and tomorrow! #cauldrons #mugmaker #blackisgold
A #detailshot of the #castiron slip /glaze combo. I’ve separated the cast iron #cauldron mugs by size as separate listings in the shop, as a couple customers had trouble finding them under a single listing with variations. Holiday sale still ...
The last of this year’s work is listed in the shop! All on sale! Several of the black cast iron cauldron mugs are listed as well, all under one listing as usual. Check the listing for sizes!
U.S. customers you ...
A #woodfired soup bowl just added to the shop! One of my favs. Gorgeous flashing in a cone 12 wood kiln, smoothed and brightened by an electric cone ten refire.
Plenty of cauldron mugs (including the cast iron variety) just ...
Just added a couple new mugs to the shop including this baby pumpkin, with a surface that i just noticed looks like cinnamon spice, fit for your latte! 🔥It and everything else in the shop are 15% OFF thru the ...
BLUUUUUE, blue, blue blue Christmas.... (sung and typed in Elvis voice). #elvis #bluechristmas #deepblue
Dr. Frankenstein gave me the key to his laboratory. I found this in there.
#copperred #drippy #handleit
New Batch is ready! These cast iron cauldron mugs have s glaze application that isn’t quite white I expected. Each mug has a horizontal band of slightly different texture in the middle due to overlapping slip🤔. A subtle difference, but ...
Cleaning up the new batch of #cauldron mugs! Sanding feet prevents them scratching your table. After their pedicures they’ll be listed in the Etsy shop later tonight!
#sanded #makita #pedicures
More experiments in form. I used the mug stretcher on these cauldron mugs, and the resulting bottle like forms are kinda fun. I’m thinking of making more with pointed bottoms that would require that the mug constantly be held or ...
Two creamers for a class assignment. They pour smoothly ☕️Salt fired to cone 10. #saltfired #creamer #coffeecreamer
In the midst of making all the cauldron mugs, amazingly, I’ve been able to work on some school projects. This pitcher (curled rim inspired by a George Ohr piece) is for a class’ semester’s end dinner party. Everything on the ...

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