Salvatore anzalone | @salvatore_lifecoach

If you look really closely you can see #chicago
Perfect day to learn paddle boarding. #heavenonearth
Perfect day at the beach. #heavenonearth
Awesome day with lil man fishing on a paddle boat.
Love seeing the joy on his face with all of the little things. Perfect day for an ironman kite lol.
Happy fanny pack Friday. Gorgeous day! #fannyfriday #crystals #beachday
Fortunately for @alexanderson29 and @brookewellss my biceps aren't in the pic I didn't want them to get insecure. Jk seriously a couple of sweet souls. Thanks for the pic. #crossfit #junk #bearkomplex
I love waking up to my two favorites. I could lay here all day with @chelseydoubleu and tyga 😊😺
Love these little guys. @chelseydoubleu
My shins are gonna get real sweaty.
Hello Linda! We meet again. Three bars one dude.
This kinda night.
High hang power+hang squat+squat clean emom with the one and only @chelseydoubleu
Very easy to be in the moment when it looks like this. #blessed
Feels great to be back in nature. Good vibes!
Such a beautiful day! He's seriously better than me at bowling and now Mini golf lol.
What an amazing addition to my collection. Thanks @societycollection such an amazing collection and assortment of not just crystals and minerals but er damn thang.
Yet again another amazing experience full of amazing people and positivity. Feeling very refreshed and cannot wait for level three next year. Hope everyone has an amazing day full of happiness.
Finally finished listening to an amazing audiobook called the holographic universe and ha to share this quote. #mindblown #deepshit good night
Amazing experience on a beautiful day. Cannot wait for next week.
Love my little captain chipotle @chelseydoubleu #chipotlegang #ecolilivesmatter #crossfit
Got in a great wod at max effort crossfit earlier on in the day then ran into this stud of a coach and owner @zforrest4 while zip lining over Fremont st during our last night in Vegas.
Amazing view of the Bellagio fountain show after eating out at a wonderful French restaurant. Feeling super grateful for this whole experience.
Amazing workout center now pool time.
Trying to take a picture of these dr Seuss lights and then this happened lol. That face you make when you're not as into him as he's into all of you. Or that face you make when you realize she ...

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