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cheer up gift for my close friend @michiroon ~
shes been tired lately cuz of finals and other stuff so this is a gift to cheer her up a little~ Michi is a wonderful and caring friend ! she's always ...
a commission of redesigning an adoptable i did last year for @mitsu.hime !
CLOSED! Owner: @lil_artist5
thank you very much!!
CLOSED she belongs to @cammiio_ now thank you very much! #cammiio_ocs
thank you for your support ^__^💖
Top 10 Entries of #yuki_momoiro_contest_entries !! @kwai.san
thank you very much for joining !
checking on husbando O vO
didn't post a doodle of them for soo long @@
i love them :"""))))
used design doll
friends 👀👌🏻 fate is momoiro's mother btw haha
she belongs to @michiroon ^ Q^
colored sketch commission for @genieart 💖
quick doodle of my male persona sazu ( my friend named him that long time ago lol)
i didn't draw him for so long
i'll line this later :"0 #wip #sasucchi_tia
heres something quick~
song: noragami ost: noratan
so lately I've felt just something strange about copying art styles... like, when it comes to my style i told people that it is ok to use it if they want and i made some tutorials and gave my brushes... ...
quick doodle of lanka and Tia -q-
lanka belongs to @michiroon both are college students.
colored sketch commission for @cc_draws_
colored sketch commission for @eroticneko !
thank you for the support!!
did something quick before going to sleep;;;
song: naruto shippuden ost- konoha peace
sobs im really happy with this tbh :"0
the character belongs to @wissaaa18 ✨👀 its a boy, his name is Yoru 👀
Full body commission for @eroticneko
here's Yuki👀
more chibis :"0 #sasucchi_tia
more chibi practice cuz I'm struggling with drawing those days o(-( #sasucchi_tia
chibi practice
i cry i forgot how to color like before SOBSS ;;; screw u college 😭😭😭😭😭 her hair color supposed to be in peach color but ugh i cant do anything well those days
anyways this is a new oc i ...

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