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1) 3 axis interest dwindling by the minute 2) ever had thought and wonder if something is possible? If this idea works.... holy smokes. More to come! #instamachinist
Not overrated: label soft jaws with features or dimensions! #instamachinist
When you buy a NOGA magnetic dial indicator holder arm, get the version with the adjustment in the base! #instamachinist
Upgraded the conference room. Never grow up! #instalego
Using @adskfusion360 2D Chamfer with Chamfer Tip Offset like a boss. #instamachinist
WORK IT, BABY! Show me those tool vectors. #instamachinist #haas
@tormach PathPilot is the behind-the-scenes unsung hero of what makes them such a reliable and easy to use machine. Some awesome updates in 2.0 - everything from touchscreen improves to web connectivity.
Finished a 3+2 part this morning. Now testing simultaneous 5 axis on the @haas_automation #vm3 !! #instamachinist
The question is not whether it’s my first 5 axis part but rather if it is my last. #instamachinist
AWESOME afternoon seeing lots of CNC and making at the Autodesk Boston build space. Thanks to Lucas for the tour! #instamachinist @BUILDSpc
Where are we?!? Finders keepers for this SMW mini pallet!
THIS IS SO COOL!!! 5 axis on our @haas_automation #vm3 !! LOTS more to come! #instamachinist
Making a urethane casting mold on the @tormach #770! #instamachinist
Caption this.
2nd op fixture - made on both the @tormach and @haas_automation ! Fixture is confidential. Please do not share outside of social media. #instamachinist
Custom machined @pierson_workholding vacuum plates that make for accurate and efficient work. Gives us access to full profile. We machine holes leaving 0.01” then flip them onto another custom vacuum plates that isolates the holes. #instamachinist
Today’s #nyccnc Wednesday Widget: The Imperializer - a machined, Arduino-based dedicated hardware device to convert inches to MM! And the start of a video series on Manufacturing Entrepreneurship! #instamachinist
God bless @tormach Superfly. I love every degree of your positive rake. #instamachinist
Who uses the word Cyber? Discount Code GiveThanks for 20% off all SMW products today! #instamachinist
I need power
I need toolpaths
I need @daveprecise
When we were getting started back in NY, she’d help package our camera mounts on the weekend. Tonight, we got a babysitter so we could clean at the shop! Love her. #instamachinist #machinistwife
Machining a new grinding wheel balancer for the @tormach surface grinder! #instamachinist
We wanted more holes in our Mini-Pallets, so we added more holes! 20% off all SMW products through Monday with coupon GiveThanks !
YES!!! Just installed PathPilot 2.0 - kid you not: it improves surface finishes!! #instamachinist #manufacturingentrepreneur
I’M BACK! TR200Y 5 axis trunnion on the @haas_automation #vm3 ! Excited to lay down some @adskfusion360 toolpaths. #instamachinist #manufacturingentrepreneur
Thanksgiving in a Machine Shop! We’ll be cleaning up. Full video link in bio. #instamachinist
The #nyccnc YouTube reach continues to blow me away - and this one takes the cake. Bought some of those @oxtools optical flats off eBay from RUSSIA and got this letter! #manufacturingentrepreneur #instamachinist

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