Chaise Dewey | @slim_mclean

Sweet cat.
Best buds already! When they’re not attacking each other! #crowley #moocat #kittens
Started a new hoodie. New backpatch to kick things off.
Sea turtle skull+vertebrae display.
The leaves on a tree acting like a pinhole projector, projecting an image of the eclipse onto the ground
Blast from the past.
Can it be Friday afternoon, now?
Video game buddy.
Sneak peek at this years halloween costume. More coming soon.
Awesome drawing of me and my cat Lucifer by @smiley_dafe
#oldetimemischief at lava hot springs. Credit to @saltjakecity801
My new band, #theamericanhustle credit to @phathead1
In the studio. Credit to @phathead1
This is how Luci and I play video games.
Saint Sagan bless me with your powers of logic and science.
New computer desk assembled!
Gmork's new favorite game.
Indecent exposure II
Industrial piercing is next.
Hipster Sith. Sithpster?
Put my modest tunnels back in. Might go bigger again.
Kitty spoonin on my day off.
Close my eyes, feel me now, I don't know, maybe you could not hurt me now. Here alone, when I feel down too. Over there when I await true love for you. You can hide, oh, now, oh the way ...
Look at the match in your hand, what's it gonna do? You thought it'd burn the pain away, but it burned the rest of you.
Nutella chocolate chip pancakes. Nutella in the batter and on top! 😍

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