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Fun hangin’ with Friedell tonight - and reppin’ my new squad. 〽️
My favorite tradition continues! An ornament from every new country we visit. ❤️🎄 #france #australia #tanzania #newzealand #italy #norway #iceland #mexico #turkey #costarica #bahamas #ireland #southafrica
Such a nice surprise from amazingly thoughtful friends. 😘
This actress, Ann Whitney, who Kevin asks about a toothbrush, is now 86 and in Chicago doing a play. She was at tonight’s “Home Alone” CSO live show & got a giant ovation when she appeared on screen. It filled ...
Amazing pre-show lunch at RPM. 🍷🍞
Latergram: Another amazing 12 Courses of Christmas Dinner thanks to @cleveriamnot!
Emergency Banks.

Good Night. 😴
Would like to be home getting in the holiday spirit, but not a half bad time to be in Miami. 🌴☀️
Last chance to catch me on HQ this week! 4:30ET on ESPN!
After years dreading it, it finally happened — spilled coffee all over my shirt halfway through a TV show. 👏🏻👏🏻 #prospro
It’s official! Class of ‘18!
Mazel Tov!
Check out my College Football Bachelorette journey to see how I ended up in Harbaugh’s recruiting class... (link in bio)
Back at it with Papi & Dan today! Tune in @ 4:30ET on ESPN! 📺👀
Thanks to my amazing husband Brad for secretly organizing my nomination for Crain's Chicago's "40 Under 40" and my awesome agent Matt Olson for his help putting together the "pitch." This was such a wonderful surprise and a great honor. ...
The rest of the house will have to wait, but I at least got the tree done before my flight! ❤️🎄 #itsabeautclark
Somebody didn't wanna leave Michigan... #treehunt2017
❤️🎄 #treehunt2017
Birthday Girl! ❤️❤️ #treehunt2017 @slevee
Nailed it, Fletch. 👌🏻 #treehunt2017
Found a winner! 🎄

Pinecrest Tree Farm!

#treehunt2017 kick-off at @greenbushbrew! 🍻🎄
And to all a good night... #treehunt2017
30 degrees & pooling it! ❤️❤️#treehunt2017
A classy start to Tree Hunt weekend ❤️🎄🍷#treehunt2017
😍😍😍😍 #bankstagram #derp
✈️--> Home! 🐶🐶🐶🤵🏼

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