It's *liberal, jk what's the difference?
Okay now this is something seriously wrong with modern day America, there's literally ZERO need to try and enforce diversity especially by means of changing historical information to make everyone that isn't white happy. Not to be a dick but ...
I am prolife but some people just need a post-birth abortion, Angelina Jolie is one of those people, as are feminists and like 85% of democrats.
I had the misfortune of seeing this so now you all get to as well.
I'm well aware this is South Africa but similar shit is beginning to occur here and I legitimately worry about the white race, especially the males(thanks feminists), we are not only slowly going extinct but the remainder of us are ...
Accurate representation of me
Hillary Clinton is just the biggest joke I could imagine, like an awkward boner just doesn't know when it's time to go down.
I don't typically repost this stuff just curious, how many of y'all are people of god?
Not to generalize but statistics show most illegal immigrants are absolute animals.
Sadly true smh it seems to be the case nowadays.
I fucking hate when I fuck my grandpa just realize I'm actually blindly fucking my dead cat.
It's bullshit I did that to some pedo once but I wasn't praised smh
Or y'all could just quit hating on straight white men so we don't gotta do this stupid shit smh
I stole this from someone I can't remember, anyway its facts. This is real shit and once liberals learn this life will be 10x more peaceful.
Won't tolerate that shit here
Some shithead shitting on good people and our country doesn't deserve this shit. Who the fuck decided racism and shitty assumptions were smart? Also I'm talking racism against whites. There's literally already a predisposed hatred against whites from nearly every ...
Yet 100% of them are mentally handicapped nonetheless. Warning: Offended democrats inbound. ⚠️
Lmao this is like the greatest thing ever
Real shit lmao fucking retarded.
Hypocrisy at its finest smh, Eminem be doing anything to try and stay relevant lol.
In my opinion this is good, no reason to make special rules for people to accommodate to their weird ass social ideologies.
We all die one day, may as well live y'know?
On some real shit once again, the normal 95% of Americans shouldn't have to accommodate to 5% of people's identity issues. I'm not gonna be living in a state that decides to make bathrooms for trans people. I'm not sorry, ...
On some real shit who cares? Besides the tranny boys and stupid non binary people. I acknowledge that trans people exist and have no problem with them, I do however have issues with trans people that force feed me their ...
God bless Chick-Fil-A, this is an awesome idea and wish I could've stolen it lol. God bless our veterans and everyone that puts their lives to risk trying to allow people like me to live happily.

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